Friday, April 02, 2010


I bought Jared a classic iPod with 160 gb. It was that or 8 gb at the BX.....made the choice easier. We never really wanted one in America. We had Air 1, Klove, talk radio and the older kids' music for trips etc. BUT here all radio but AFN (and we don't like their selection of music) is in Japanese.  We began to think of an iPod so we could easily take music in the car. We knew we needed to buy new music as none of ours was newer than early 90's...let the youth spend their $ on music. It worked. LOL
I've been debating about an iPhone/iTouch or classic iPod. The iPhone will only work with one cell phone company....and its the one that doesnt' have reception where we not very useful. I talked to several with iTouches and all said if I wanted lots of room, and tended to be hard on things (um remember the CAMERA SAGA) to go with a classic. Mike bought me a classic with lots of space last week.  I'm liberated...a laptop with 500 gb and an iPod with 160 gb (I'd filled my Walkman and previous laptop). ::snort::

I've discovered I can download TV shows (Shaun the Sheep), movies and PODCASTS..... Fox News, Laura Ingrahm, Wayne Corderio,  and more......

Our favorite this week is one that Erika recommended. Thanks! Wall and can imagine it's a hit with Jared and I. It's FREE...

We highly recommend, "The Influence of the Bible on America." I've only listened to part 1, but WOW. The younger kids are even learning and great for history if you're homeschooling - or if the only thing you've been taught about the puritans is the MS Witch hunt.....great, free, easy to listen to while you drive around town.

Anyone care to share other podcasts we should try? Kids things, news, homeschool, Bible teachers, preaching.....make a list for us.  We'd love to try some of your favorites.

Choosing Joy!
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Cynthia said...

So glad you've made an iPod choice! I'm glad you're enjoying it. It would not have been worth the extra $$ for the touch if you weren't going to be able to use the internet, imo... although the games and apps are pretty cool... It all just depends on what you're using it for. I didn't upgrade to the touch and still enjoy my classic.