Saturday, June 07, 2008

Photobucket Stacia has a new Mommy.....

We enjoyed the volunteer dinner. We realized that our youngest to Zander (6) and Stacia (2) have never been to a babysitter. Poor Doug and Deja. When we arrived Stacia was calling Deja Mommy. At bed time she looked at me and said, "That lady is not my mommy. You are my mommy." ::snort:: I assured her I was still her mommy.

Deja, Zander is convinced that you have better milk than I do. ::snort::

Mike is back out at the trailer. He thinks he'll be ready to take another test on Thursday. I pray so.


Photobucket Fatal Deduction Giveaway Winner

Theresa has won a copy of Fatal Deduction. I don't have any new books waiting to be strange...

For those who are local and entered....I do have a copy I can loan out and then post on Paperback Swap. LOL

I'm really hoping for some more offers to review books. I've loved the chance to meet new authors and I have MORE time to read in the summer. LOL


Photobucket Lazy Saturday

Since we had visitors last night all my Saturday chores are done. ::snort:: We may need to do this more often - though Friday is our "family night". Josiah is having to work so many Friday nights that maybe we should rethink a "family night" night....I also worry that people won't like our food....and that my home is too small to add extra people to - but we always manage.

Josiah went to work sometime this a.m. - not sure when.

I took Jared to a big CAP shindig. I'm not sure what it is but it involves hiking, water, saftey gear, water guns, BBQ.... He'll go home with a friend and then to a football game tonight.

I ran by the Arts & Hobby shop to pick up some "mementos" for tonight's chapel volunteer appreciation dinner. While there I noticed a GINORMOUS printer! HUGE. I asked "can that do 12 x 12 prints? ::snort:: It appears it can but he isn't sure they WILL. I am going to call on Monday and try to pitch the idea that they could print out digital layouts for scrappers. I'm also going to begin to see if *I* can BUY matte photo paper that size for them to print out.... Sherri had contacted a local scrapbook store and they are about to put a machne in....Unique Scrapbooking or something like that for any locals. I contacted Scrapbook University and the one who would know wasn't in. Just maybe there are some local options for printing digital lay outs.....Smile box has a new Father's Day design out..."My Hero" I plan to put Mike's photos from Kuwait on those pages.....but.....I should do something else today. I'm still so thankful Cindy mentioned the Teacher's Toolbox to me - yes - a free year to play with this.

I went to the commissary and priced some things I'm looking at from United...and bought milk, grapes, potatoes, onions and artichokes.

I've been looking at the tutorial for CM's Storybook software. I thought it was just for making books. I'm really thinking that it may be the software for me to friends Sherri and Mary have both talked to me about it. Mary has it and loves it. She sent me a link for a kitty book she put together and I pounced on her to ask the "do you LIKE this program" questions. ::snort:: I really don't think I want my main photos to be in "books" - I like albums....but this software looks great. I think there are pre-made templates, but you can also move text blocks around, use your own fonts etc. It looks fairly easy to use to learn. I think. I'm still watching the tutorials. I need to contemplate cost and then budget.....ah the double whammy.

We have a couple of hours until Mike comes in from the trailer park. We have a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner tonight. Deja graciously agreed to watch the younger 4 children so that they don't have to sit through the dinner. The older boys are working and Jared will be at a football game. I'd forgotten to put the game on my calendar. Oops.

I think I'll go try to make some yogurt pretzels before we go tonight. And work on my United order some more....

Trust all are enjoying their weekends. Mine is incredibly QUIET. LOL

THIS is the most memorable moment of my day. I'm not sure I got the tank FULL - they shut it off when I reached this amount. ::snort::