Monday, May 23, 2011

More Kits Delivered

God is good. Two days and we added 90 grocery kits to the 94 transition home kits, printed up 100 postcards to go with kits, found 7 vehicles and drivers and set off to Miyako Shi. This brings our total up to 212 kits and 135 food kits, plus various other assorted boxes of produce  and goods delivered by the chapel. 

Jared went along with us on this trip. It was his first time to see the devastation. These are areas that you are not allowed to drive to and STOP - so you take photos out the window as you drive. 

Each town has a mascot   - this one cracked us up. 

Unloading kits assembly line style. 

Combat boots are a pain in Japan

Misawa Chapel and CRASH team

Mike had to move the van from where I had managed to get it....and he was impressed when he realized *I* had sandwiched it up on the sidewalk between, guardrail and retaining wall. LOL 

These are the "transition homes" that have been built for residents of Miyako who have lost their homes. 

This was a bitter sweet trip as I realized that by the time the next one is organized I will no longer be quite so deeply involved with this project. I've had to move over to make room for others to lead this project as I get back to investing in my 5% - the 5% of activities I do which no one else but I can do. We'll continue to be involved, we'll continue to donate and volunteer hours as we can - but I will not be spending 40 - 60 hours a week pulling the various aspects of this project together. 

Choosing Joy!
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