Monday, May 11, 2015

Valet Parking - for a TRAILER

Our adventure began in Roseville at Sutter Medical Center.  Travel Tip of the day: "Valet Parking" does not include 31 foot trailer pulled by 15 passenger vans.

We were early and still had time to drive around the medical complex a few times; then the general area. We settled on the back row of parking in a ginormous gym. Wow - this place was huge. It was very busy too for a Monday mid-day.  Michael walked to his appointment and the rest of us settled for about an hour long wait. It was 1115.

I realized this would be the perfect time to make some lunch so we could hit the road without delay after the appointment. 

After lunch the kids elected to remain in the van, "where it was warm,"  and read. Yuuki and I got in a quick mile. We expected Michael back at any time.

Hour two the kids came out of the van and displayed their exceptional inventiveness.

Various versions of Follow the Leader on the curb

Curb Gliding
I shudder to think what would have happened with another hour. We hit the hwy around 1330 - such as it is. We drove until nearly 2300 and ended up here....the overflow parking for Edwards AFB Fam Camp. It's not too bad....we have no electric - but we have lights, a bit of water, left the caboose connected to the trailer for a quick departure in the a.m.
Yes it IS a fam camp - see the red through the trees - Burger King

As it is nearing midnight, we won't get an early start tomorrow - making for another late night - but each day is a day closer to the Texan Gherkins.