Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arielle is 13!

Arielle's birthday! I arrived home and we ran to base. We were hoping her main gifts had arrived over the weekend. We went for dinner....and then came home.

Zander, Nolan and Stacia had also bought magic kits at the yen store.

Arielle had given us a LIST of books and Jared and I ordered a bunch...this one has arrived.

But the cake was on track. I made it Thursday afternoon.

A funny thing I will remember from this birthday is that Jared and Arielle came up with a system for the kids while I was gone. The youngers would earn tickets/points for being good. If they made enough, they could have some ice cream cake tonight. I thought I would get a buy...but no....I had a mission....I either had to cry at the microphone or get someone at the retreat to cry.  Nut cakes...this stems from Krista's teasing views of women's retreats.

I gave a squeal and high 5 when I "made" someone cry before the first speaking session by sharing a worship song with her. Of course, "I" didn't cause the tears...but I did eat the cake. ::snort::

Yes, I'm back from the retreat. I'll write more about it later.  The goals for the rest of the night are sleep, continue making lists and lists of what I think was REALLY good about this retreat and what I think we could possibly tweak in the future. I have to do it while it's fresh in my mind.
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