Friday, August 21, 2009

School Help

I have to face facts. School begins here shortly....and our carefully packed 9 weeks of school texts, schedules and supplies will NOT be in our possession. ::snort::

I don't have a problem winging it with Middle School or Elementary for 6 -9 weeks. We'll be able to make up the TOG as the year goes on. This is tougher for Jared. He's a 10th grader, has certain credits he wants to earn and it will be near impossible for him to make up 6 - 9 weeks of work.

I've visited the library. I have the lapbook files that accompany our Apologia Zoology 2. We checked out books to match the subjects and will do Science that way. I found Family Math at the library and we'll do drill, games etc for math for Nolan on down. We'll do writing and LA on the fly...fairly easy to do. We're going to focus on Japanese Culture and language until October.... Jared will do this as well. I'm sure he'll earn a full high school credit in both culture and language.

Here are a few things I'd like to find used CHEAP (as I already own them) or borrow until October....

  • Math U See - Zeta, the next one and Algebra (discs too)
  • Apologia Biology
  • TOG assignments for Year 2 Unit 4.....I am going to contact them and see if they'll email them to me...or we may just get the reading list and at least do the's the Revolutionary Period and Jared REALLY wants to do it slowly and WELL.....he doesn't want to skimp or try to "catch up" this is an area of concern for Him.
  • I would love it if you'd share your favorite educational sites for online drill and learning....
  • Jared would like to take a debate course - anyone have a good one to recommend?

I'm sure there is more we could use or need...but I can't seem to get my mind to focus on school tonight. ::snort:: If someone has this to loan, I'd pay the shipping....

PS I tried to send this to SHS but I don't know that it went through.
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