Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photobucket *WE* ARE That Old Couple know the one stalking unsuspecting young parents.....

I admit that I've been emotional.

Today we were sitting in Arbys (because we had planned to pick Josiah up at the airport and the plane was late but not late enough to cook a meal before chapel). Alright, already.....Today we were sitting in Arbys and a young couple walked in with a newborn.

I remember old couples smiling and watching our little ones. This actually still happens to us quite a bit. We'll notice someone is paying attention to us. Often as they leave they'll give us a compliment on our large family, or comment on how our children remind them of theirs and several times they've even paid for our meal. We've been good natured about this, especially the paying for the meal part. ::snort:: It's actually been nice to know that we have been able to resurrect fond memories for others.

Today we were sitting in Arbys and I couldn't keep my eyes off the young couple. They seemed SO young but a reality check revealed they were no younger than I was when Bre was born. They were visiting with each other but it was so OBVIOUS this baby was the center of their focus. The baby did this little snake thing with his tongue and both looked at each other and did it. ::snort:: They ate with a hand jiggling the carseat or leaning in to smile at Jr.

Memories flooded back. Our days of being so young with a newborn. It seems like yesterday but its been 23 years since BreAnne was born. Wow. Where does the time go?

I teared up. I CRIED. Mike said, "What's wrong" and then he got emotional too. I love that about my husband - there is no doubt that family is so very important to him. We discussed how quickly the years had passed, how we'd like to have held on to them a bit longer and how blessed they really were...and now I'm tearing up again.

Oh yes, Josiah DID get home today on a later plane.