Thursday, April 11, 2024

Brunch, Skiing, Bread & Spring Grass

I have come up with a routine that is sort of working. When I had time with Jesus first thing - as I like -  I could NOT get a workout in before Dad needed my attention. I now have to get up and moving early...but I've taken to soaping the devo verse each morning, working out and INVARIABLY regardless of the time of morning Dad rings his bell at the 2-mile mark. I'm not thrilled, but I am guessing 2 miles is better than none because I am waiting for a longer period of time. I then have my extended time with Jesus because I can do that when Dad is up. 

Stacia and I popped out to our favorite cafe for a "brunch study." Breakfast turned to lunch, and we have a hard time focusing with all the noise... We found a solution. We went to the car and finished our discussion in the car.  I think we'll plan this from now on - or we need to find a quieter lunch spot. 

Allie had classes and homework/socializing at college. 

I came home and played with bread and dinner...Stacia met Jenni for a drive up to Hatcher's Pass and some skiing. 

It's Thursday so you KNOW after dinner was done and cleaned up, we headed for the couch for knitting and an episode of, "All Creatures Great and Small." 

Playing with bread? I'm trying to find a way to make a sourdough loaf that doesn't use a lot of sugar, butter and YEAST.  Earlier in the week I just popped my normal round of dough into a loaf pan. It worked...but we get much more bread with a round.  This channel popped into my feed and I clicked. I decided to try her recipe (The recipe is in the description of the video if they link doesn't work). I didn't have enough starter so halved her recipe. I was able to use my fresh ground flour mixed with the bread flour, an egg, milk, yogurt and honey (which I'm not thrilled about, but no butter or yeast). I was skeptical it would rise with fresh ground flour used. It said to let it ferment overnight until the dough was doubled in size. 
Blew right out of the plastic wrap.

I was met with THIS at 0600. I divided and shaped it into two loaves and then put it into my pampered chef pans. I wasn't sure it would fill the pans...I shaped them the way she did on the video... I may shape as I usually do next time. Note: I rewatched how she shaped, and she makes TWO triangles before rolling it up which would work MUCH better. ::snort:: I'll try her way again. 

They got huge! I'm glad I had the bigger Pampered Chef pans. My oven heats from the top, and these rose so high they were far too close to the element and got overly browned....

Bread on the left is the normal round thrown into a loaf pan. Bread on the right is the soft sourdough. 

Both loaves taste good.  The soft loaf doesn't have the sourdough tang. Michael loves the tang of the original recipe...BUT the bigger loaf DOES use whole grain, it IS an overnight ferment, and it slices great. I'll probably bake the original rounds for the taste...and make these every now and again for those who want bread and don't like the tang, or to be able to use my fresh ground flour. ::snort::

And HERE our first patch of spring grass! I'm hopeful! The hoop house shape is IN the garden...still lots of snow...but soon I should be able to get to the greenhouse. 

Enough yammering! 

1. A great discussion with Stacia at Brunch. 
2. A husband who can fix vehicles. 
3. Thursdays with Jenni. 
4. Mercy. 

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