Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Vets and NOT Christmas Decorating

Millie made her annual trip to the Vet today. She is a bit adverse to vet visits. 

She acts so big and brave when people come to our home. When we take her out and about THIS is often what we get. I opened the door for her to go, her tail was wagging, when she realized Stacia wasn't coming with her, she jumped back into the car and had to be coaxed out again. 

Her shots are updated, her weight is good - they are happy. We laughed when the assistant got her from the car and said, "She's big for 1 year." Yep. 

I woke up this morning with the NEED to do something other than speaking prep and caregiving. I rearranged the living room. We have been discussing how to fit the Christmas tree into our living room as we have moved big pieces of furniture since last year. We're NOT planning on a Christmas tree at this point...but I thought arranging the furniture would be a good idea so it is easy to decorate when we ARE ready....

One thing led to another. We do have FALL/WINTER lights up outside our house...they are so cheery in these darkening days....

Why NOT put the tree up? Until the ornaments are on it - it's not REALLY a Christmas's simply a lighted accent piece.... 

Yes, I excavated the tree from under the stairs. This afternoon Stacia drug the box up the stairs.   The girls and I set the tree up and moved it into the corner. I had stored the tree's lights in the box with the tree...what madness is THIS? None of them worked. Replacing fuses didn't even help. 

I hadn't been set on colored lights on a multi-seasonal tree....and it was time for me to run to Bible study so I set the project aside. 

I had to pick up laundry detergent and milk after study...and sometime in here it HIT me...YES, I do WANT a Fall Tree. We always leave it up late...why not have a FALL tree NOW and we can convert it to Christmas easily...later. 

I needed to pick up lights for a Christmas Blessing package and there were some clear lights...I picked up some lights and some clearanced fall decorations... Stacia is devoted to her bedtime and tomorrow is an early morning. She called it quits. I got the lights out just to look.... ::snort::

 Allie had mercy on me and did a bang up job with the lights, Michael helped us top the tree with a straw pumpkin, he cut up some burlap....and  we got this much done. We'll finish tomorrow. Yes, I like having a fall tree....and it will be easier to put up our Christmas tree, as we do each year, the DAY AFTER THANKSGIVNG....

This is how you have your cake and eat it too! 

Seriously, we all needed a diversion today and this worked. I'm not sure what Grandpa will think when he wakes up in the morning. He went to bed saying it seemed a bit early to put the Christmas tree up. He insists his mother put the tree up for ONE DAY...because birthdays only last a day. I find this story suspect. LOL  Does anyone else in the family remember Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas habits? I know MOM always put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving...just as I plan to do. TRADITIONS. 

Smash Cakes

 Stacia was asked to make a "Little Mermaid Smash cake."  This is a difficult concept. People spend good money for a 6 in cake, fully decorated and no one will EAT it. It's the THING for One Year Olds.  Stacia sold this one to a gal from Josiah's work.  It was darling and they loved it. 

She made two of these for Danny and JoJo's first birthdays. In the future she will not use fondant on the smash made it difficult for the kids to get the idea of smashing the cake.