Sunday, April 07, 2024

Sunday Happenings

We got out of the house in good time this morning and headed to church in Eagle River. 

These were the sweetest row mates ever. You can even see two of our sweet daughters in laws in the background. 

Liv, Josi and Carrie and Larissa in the back

WOW...another powerful sermon series kicked off this week...Deeper Life Through Forgiveness! The word came in power today, worship was inspired, 18 more baptisms, the parking lot was CRAZY...which means that some have come back from Easter. God is on the move in Alaska. 

I continue to be in awe of how Pastor Brian is able to speak the real, the tough messages with such grace.  We'll be looking at forgiveness and the life of Joseph for the next four weeks.  This week we looked at favoritism and jealousy. A few thoughts that stood out to me...

"Every offense leads to a choice..."

"Where's the offense? You gotta name the offense for it to be healed." 

"Jesus can make me unoffendable." 

"When I stop forgiving, I stop looking like Jesus."

"Unforgiveness moves me to a deeper level of dysfunction..."

3 tips for dealing with offense...favoritism and jealousy:

1. Assume the best of those who choose others above you.

2. Celebrate others who have incited feelings of unworthiness.

3. Root out unforgiveness as if your life depends on it! It does.

The topic of forgiveness is timely for me (us?) as we continue to wrestle with how to love and forgive AND work through the legal system after Oct 23rd.  

Via ACF Facebook page 

After church we headed to PIZZA MAN! We discovered a new room where they had lots of tables and could sit all 12 of us.  I love connecting with the "kids." Today us five had lunch with Jared, Larissa and Noah, Jamin, and Carrie and the girls. Jamin had to head out to the valley to show a house. We went home with Carrie and Livie. Jared met us there. We helped move bigger furniture and such around. Livie is going to move her room downstairs, and the nursery is moving into Liv's old room across from Carrie's. It will be nice to have Josi's clothes and such on the same level as the rest of the house. 

Just like old times! LOL 

Stacia soaked up some Josi time

Bre reports the kids were able to wear their Easter outfits to church. It's a red-letter Sunday when everyone is well at the same time. 
Jojo, Gideon, Annie, Bella holding Trudy


Two of the Sisters

Welp - ready or not a new week has begun! 

1. Clear roads to church...a crazy parking lot...and excitement at church. 
2. 5 or 6 baptisms in our service - there are 3 other services...these are exciting as they represent new believers taking the NEXT STEP in their relationship with Jesus. 
3. Community. 

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