Sunday, January 20, 2019

2019 Super Wolf Blood Moon

 Arielle had done her research and came upstairs to look for the moon at just the right times for us to see the HUGE moon, the eclipse, the color changes....homeschooled student to the rescue. She was ON IT.
Benny and Arielle

 If she hadn't been so invested in this event.....this door would have probably discouraged us from going out to take photos. It was -2 out there! That's cold!
Ice on the INSIDE of our screen door

Michael got the HUGE lens - the SUPER lens, bundled up and went out to take photos.
Serious photographer

He took a few and then came inside to see WHY he was having so much trouble seeing through his lens.

My favorite photo.

Frozen lens - #AlaskanProblem
#Alaskan's hard to take photos when the lens is frozen over. He couldn't even see the side of the house with it.

He switched from the telescope (mostly metal) lens, to the Nikon lens, and headed back out. The kids went with him. The whole family has this strange love of cold. I fondly remember Africa, the Philippines....

 I was content to stay warm in the house and watch from my perch by the wood stove. This, however, hampered my photos greatly. ::snort::
Yes, that's a moon!

Ah, well. I'm content to let Michael and Stacia grab photos when it's this cold. 

I did go out to get a few people photos. The bright light on my camera blinded them. It's my trademark. I came back inside to watch the show. 
Alex and Stacia
Benny and Cory
I am glad Arielle came up when she did and reminded us of the event which was about to occur. Otherwise, we may have just wasted the night with Dominion and books. LOL