Friday, September 16, 2016

Nickerson Ranch Trail - #WYFF

Post by Michael

This is the second time on this trail, but the first time to get all of the way down it.  It was easy to see that it was once a wagon trail/road.  The trail is wide and level for the most part.  The real question is where, exactly, is the homestead.  Years ago, my mother said, the homestead was well-marked because of all of the apple trees.  Now, it is a bit more difficult to see the homestead.  Actually, we are not so sure we found it the site.  Michael's memory was that the homestead was across Mill Creek.  We did not get adventurous enough to cross the creek this time out, but the area is amazing.  You walk through towering Redwoods and alongside the ubiquitous fern to reach Mill Creek and its crystal clear waters.  If I were to build a homestead, this would be far and away ideal.  It is not easy to find out much about the Nickerson homestead, but the imagination can see an absolutely idyllic setting for raising a family and living life.

These towering Redwoods are only enhanced by such a lovely young woman as our Stacia has become.

Nolan showed his prowess at navigating a 15 passenger van through the sometimes tight confines of Howland Hill Rd.  He did a great job.  No dents, no dings, no errors.  Well done!

Someday, we are going to take the time to count the rings on one of these fallen Rewoods, but not this one.  It is just too small, and the rings are hard to see from about the hundred year mark to the center of the tree.  Any where else, this would be a massively huge tree, but not here.  Here it is smallish, at best.
Sitting on the top of the logs and looking out across the scenic beauty of Mill Creek.  No takers on jumping in this day, though.  The weather is beginning to change and the water is just a tad bit cooler than before. The view is amazing.
Guessing there may have been a barn or corral in this area for horses.  Just guessing though.  Will need to bring a metal detector the next time we come through.

For those who would like to hike along with us.