Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Projects

Arielle joined Stacia and I for breakfast this morning.

The girls chilled and I began baking and cooking for tomorrow's Fellowship Sunday at chapel after breakfast.

Michael had a project for himself and the boys when they got up and moving.  They added a stabilizer to the front of The Caboose. They'd installed one to the rear earlier.  It took longer than they'd hoped, but we have great expectations of being able to roll over without the trailer shaking and rattling. It helped in the rear.

Meanwhile back in the house, Arielle got a head start on the next week of school, Stacia played a "spy" game and I worked on PWOC announcements and slides for March.

We capped off the day by sitting in the backyard onsen.

Michael will run this his sermon another time - and I'll do a bit of reading while we wait for Arielle to get home from babysitting.