Tuesday, January 25, 2022

SNOW, Lettuce, Friends, Games

 Our heat wave is over! It snowed all day. Things are MUCH prettier in the winter than in break-up. I'm content to wait for our muddy season. We got 8 inches of snow today. 

There is no longer a shortage of lettuce in our home! πŸ’• I had really missed lettuce when we ran out a week ago...and not being able to find any in town was alarming. I wanted to be sure to get lettuce from Organic Grown Company, so I put my name on 3 different green splits. My thinking was ONE of them would surely fill up and be ordered. All 3 filled. I ended up with nearly a case of this Red Butter Leaf lettuce. It lasts well and is yummy...18 heads. I guess someone else wanted 6 heads. 

The romaine split came through too....6 heads of Romaine.  Not to worry - I have passed out several heads to others already.  I also received 3 bunches of chard. 

Yes, today was Wholesome Food Co-op. Once again, I FORGOT to put together my Azure order in time, and I was late to join splits so ended up with a LOT of vegetables and only apples for fruit this go around. But we have FRESH, organic, yummy veggies. 

I got home a bit late today as I needed to wait for the Shift 3 leader to pass on some info.  

I was very proud with myself for driving through fog and blowing snow, on ice across to the next town. When we moved up here, I would not have driven myself. Conquering fears...building resiliency one adventure at a time. 

I was glad to have put a roast in the slow cooker early this morning.  

Stacia was thrilled to have her first Covid test. NOT.  It was negative - as we expected it to be - but we try to be responsible citizens. snort:: Stacia gets croup at least once a year. The cough is distinctive, think barking seal.  We don't plan for her to go out but knew others would be less concerned about Allie and I going out if we knew she had a negative test. She's a good sport. 
Father daughter bonding at its best! 

I had just enough time to put away produce (with the girls' help), change clothes and meet a friend for dinner. I wouldn't have made it if we hadn't changed location.😏  I believe this was my first dinner at Turkey Red.  It seemed to be a good place for both Keto and a Medeteranean eaters.  I ordered Moussaka and it was AMAZING.  This is the only photo I took, and it was so I could check specials at the table. 😁

I was happy to find people up when I got home. Stacia gave Nolan a couple of Exit/Escape Room games for Christmas. Nolan is nearing the end of this semester and I came home to four of my people around the table playing a game. They did escape. 

This day began at 0400 and by the time Michael and I were done talking and closing down the day it was 0200 of Wednesday. I think we put all we could into this day.