Saturday, June 18, 2022

Work and Play

Stacia and I were out in the garden when Arielle and Benny showed up to spend an hour or two helping us. The girls had planned to weed eat around the electric fence and in the garden....BUT we couldn't start either eater....nor the riding mower. In the end Arielle DID mow the orchard. What a blessing. 

I took a mental picture of Benny in the garden. He'd helped pull weeds around the beds, fed the chicken's beet seedlings I had thinned, and helped Stacia place sprinklers. Everyone had left the yard, I came out of the greenhouse, and he was standing in the middle of the garden, hands on hips, just watching the sprinkler, checking out the plants....a gardener may yet be born. Though he insists he doesn't want a garden. 

The storage shed/hoop house in the garden blew away. There was a lot of stuff inside it. When we started to work on that space, the stuff inside the fence, was thrown into the yard. We moved tires, broken pieces of this and that, misc. stuff I haven't a clue about....and in the process I tripped over some rototiller wheels and landed on a rusty t-post.  After lots of icing, I took a hot shower in the middle of the day. LOL 

Bre and the kiddoes came over to play at our park today (yard). I have it on good authority (Bella) that our swings go higher than the ones at the park and so they need to come over here more often. I heartily approve this plan. Anytime....The yard is actually open even if we aren't home. LOL  

📷by BreAnne - Jojo 19 months

Bella, Annie, Gideon 

The kids personalities crack me up. "Grandma push us." 

"Careful, careful Grandma! We could fall off," from Gideon, and "I could smash into Annie," shrieks Bella.

"Higher, Grandma, HIGHER," from Annie, even as I did an underdog with her. LOL Some of it is sure to be due to her toddler swing, but the older two are nurturing and precise with details, Annie is all go - at full speed. 

Annie points out we have "hamMOCKS" and she loves hamMocks! She especially loves to cocoon in a hammock and surprise passerbys. She's convinced it's the best hiding place around. She may be right. 

As the kids grow, our "toys" will probably grow.  We have a trampoline and we've been talking about a zip line....I'd LOVE a spiral slide off the deck, but suspect the zipline would be a better investment.  Everyone is sad Allie is working so often these days, but having Stacia here is a big plus over local parks as well. The kids like playing with the Aunties and it helps to give Moms a break. 

AND, WibblyWobbly Acres Park comes with snacks. I have invested in zbars just for grand gherkins, and added raspberries and strawberries. It didn't take long for Annie to find a solution to the big table....we do have a kids picnic table but it is used for steps to the trampoline. 

Bre brought a couple of frozen pizzas over, I added salad, fruit and pasta to the mix and they stayed for dinner. It was a fun day. Michael was preparing for Sunday morning, Izaak was at a camp out for True North/Alive Alaska, the 3 elder at home gherkins were at work. We worked and played! Great balance.