Monday, July 04, 2016

Our 4th of July Celebration

Before you look any further, 10 months ago - on our first full timing travel day - I placed my camera in an overhead cupboard for safety purposes. It got thrown around. The lens is wobbly and doesn't work quite right. Michael looked at these and said we need to get my lens fixed or buy a new one.....Hmmm...but these are the photos I have - so I will share them! 

The boys survived the night on the beach. I may join them next time - I sort of like my quiet nights in the Caboose.  They showed up bright and early and we had a camping breakfast. Our tradition is "Breakfast for Dinner" on Saturday night, one was very surprised to have breakfast in the morning. Keep em guessing! 

When we have visitors we MUST walk down to Stout Grove - which we did. I was so happy. We haven't done that since we arrived to help Mom G - and it was nice to just relax in the midst of all this beautiful creation. 

Do you wonder WHAT he is doing? Using his handy-dandy flashlight to check for spiders for Arielle.

So I could take THIS photo. 
Arielle & Cory - 5 1/2 months until the wedding
 Michael is a wealth of information on Redwoods. I think we'll make a video with just Redwood facts.  It'll preach.  He was THERE shortly after many of these trees fell in a windfall 40 years ago. The kids were  an attentive audience - and I'm counting it as science and genealogy.

Alex, Cory, Arielle, Stacia, Nolan
 A helpful hiker took a photo of all of us! 
Alex, Cory, Arielle, Nolan, Stacia, De'Etta & Michael

We've been bringing Gherkins to this tree for a photo for 31 years. LOL Even though they keep growing - the tree is STILL BIG! 
Stacia, Nolan, Alex, Arielle, Cory
We finished our walk around noon. I drove back across the river to make lunch/dinner. They swam, and Michael visited with Mom G and helped her get ready.
Our youngest two - Alex and Stacia - their friendship reminds me of Josiah and Krista
 All the trimmings - grilled steak and veggie patties, melon, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, homemade biscuits, beans, salad and FAMILY.  I'm getting more confidence at pulling off meals in my tiny kitchen.  We didn't all fit around the table so us "three adults" sat off to the side. 

CoRielle left after lunch for their four hour drive back to Oregon. It was a quick visit - but it picked up our spirits. Mom G was happy to see Arielle and meet Cory too.

Visitors are welcome. You may have to sleep in a tent - but we can keep you busy while you're here...

Last, and maybe least, we started a Courageous Joy You Tube channel today.  We're trying our hand at video blogging. It's a fun way the whole family can get involved. Some days a quick video blog is more practical than editing photos and organizing thoughts. OBVIOUSLY, we don't organize our thoughts too carefully in the videos....and we have a lot to learn....BUT we are having fun and so we'll keep making them. LOL  We love to share the things we see.

The big question we have on our minds tonight is - will our sleepy park go back to normal or is THIS the kick off to the summer season? Every space is full.

Happy 4th of July

Are they not the cutest?