Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Week/Weekend/Birthday I'll Never Forget

Where to start?

Last week was FULL of taking care of various PWOC Asia things. I had been "on break" while the boys were here, and things had piled up.

A highlight of the week was hosting our weekly Bible study group in our home again. We are still finishing up Beth Moore's, Esther.

I spent a significant amount of time recreating my notes for a 7 hour Inductive Bible Study Workshop. I have no clue what computer ate them....but it is a computer that I no longer own.

Yesterday was the Bible Study Workshop. I realized, as I began, and Mike was making encouraging signs from behind the women, that he'd never heard me speak before. He isn't usually at Women's Bible Studies or Ladies Retreats. He seemed to really enjoy the whole experience and I must say he was the BEST workshop prep team I've ever seen. The day went well.

As the day wore on, I noted that one lady was standing up periodically and getting a bit red in the face, then sitting down and joining back in. I'm observant this teacher types are. ::snort:: Seriously, Tanya went into labor. It became apparent that the contractions were becoming more intense and more frequent. Mike finished the section on Word Studies (which we'd planned anyway) and I walked Tanya over to the hospital. I could have driven her but I knew if they were false pains they'd go away....and they increased. They were 3 - 4 min apart when we reached the hospital. How fun! I got to walk the halls and visit with Tanya. I got to bounce on the birthing balls between a contraction - because she didn't want to. I left when her dh arrived.

Today, I got to hold a darling 9 lb baby boy - born on my birthday. Mike took a photo. I told Tanya this photo will be shown at every workshop from now on - much like Sarah's James observation sheet is currently shown. I'm going to tell everyone at workshops that I expect great things of them during the day - and challenge them to "try to top this"!

We had lunch at the food court. We had ice cream. Arielle played Happy Birthday and everyone else sang.

A package with goodies for all arrived from Mom and Dad.

I got lots of hugs at chapel.

I received gifts and I'll have to show photos of that later.

I got incredibly sweet emails from Jamin and Josiah.

I was able to skype with Krista and Bre.

I spent the past couple of hours downloading the Digital version of our curriculum. I'm EXCITED. We were able to get the DE for only $20 when we ordered the print version. Mike wanted print in case the company ever goes out of business....we'll still have something. Makes sense...but I think we are going to have the best of both worlds.

I started researching the world of Doulas. Tanya says I'd make a good one...and she should know...she watched me bounce on the birthing ball.

Choosing Joy!
©2010 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
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