Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mutsu Bay Discussion

Stacia: "This sea glass reminds me of Jared!"

Me: "Huh? Jared?"

Stacia: "WHAT? It looks like pizza and Jared worked at Pizza Hut. I miss Jared." 

Me: Laughing   "I miss him too." 

Stacia: "He was a good big brother. He protected me very well." 

Ah - I agree....she knows the definition of a big brother.  May her experiences with the men in her life...Daddy, big brothers...continue to point her to the One who loves her and will protect her best of all. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Crabu Gasu

You'll have to stick with me or scroll to the end to understand the title. 

As Michael was having breakfast he commented, "I wasn't sure I'd ever see this place again." AND that's what we've lived with for the past few weeks. If the re-tests in OR had confirmed the Hachinohe tests it was very likely I would come back to pack us out. We are very grateful to have another year in Japan. 

It is with a sense of gratitude that we decided to go exploring. Michael suggested we head over to Mutsu Bay/Shipwreck Beach early this a.m. We were all up and ready to go by about 07:30. LOL 

First, a true confession. We've wanted to train Yuuki to ride in the car....she always sits up front with the passenger (or in the driver's seat on occasion).  She was sort of getting it...but she slobbers on the window as she tries to climb out...and she tap dances on my lap the whole trip. When Richard and Susi brought her home last night I noted she was in the BACK of the car - and doing just fine. DUH! Why didn't we THINK to ask them how she rode in the car. Today we put her in the back of the car...she did great. I have no bruises....and NOTE - we are now a family of 6 and a dog and we fit in the small car just fine. 

 We have found a new spot to park on the bay and so we parked, and explored. We never did make it back to Shipwreck today. We walked the other way.

We found handfuls of sea glass at a time. 

Sea caves are the best

We've been nervous to let Yuuki off the leash as she's a RUNNER....but today with no where for her to really run off, we let her loose.Great time. 

 Above Stacia is sampling "caramel corn" - Krista it's PUFFED like Cosmos corn.

Have I said someone will sleep anywhere????? I missed the shot of her on the picnic table at Noheji Beach and with her FACE in her dinner plate (out of battery). 

Yuuki was content to be a pillow but checked out all noises while Arielle slept. 

We reclaimed a coca cola case for the girl's apartment...Stacia thinks this would work for the bathroom. See the piles of trash in the background? The battery compartment is still sealed and

Digging dams from the Smith River to Mutsu Bay

 I continually kick my flip flops off at the beach and REGRET it. I was SO happy to finally make it back to my shoes at the end of our hike. LOL

We didn't find any floats today. We found lots of sea-glass and BIG agates. We also found a NEW SWIM BEACH - Noheji Beach. Love it.....not very crowded even on Saturday. Yen showers....and Japanese toilets...picnic tables. You can even camp here, we think. We asked and thought they told us yes. LOL  Our plan had been to run to Lawsons, use the toilet and buy some lunch and then head back to the ships......We decided to picnic and maybe swim a bit.....

 Zander and Stacia took the next two shots...yes, the authentic Mu-mu from Hawaii is ever so perfect for this heat and humidity. LOL

 I never know what will happen when I smile and say Konichiwa. Today it led to CRABBING on Mutsu Bay with a Japanese Family enjoying a reunion. Great fun! I don't have photos of Arielle - she joined us later and also caught some.  They tie fishing line to chopsticks, attach a hook and a slice of fish....and here along the sea wall they were "fishing" for crabu. If you look closely: Zander is in the red shirt, Mike in the brown up front, Nolan in blue across from him, and the blond Japanese gal is Stacia. 

I heard Michael let out a big laugh, saw people jumping and then our new friend yelled, "Wonderful!" It turns out Zander had caught this one - the biggest of the day.  They offered it to him, but we offered it back to them.

We set off for that swim feeling very good about the experience. Here Michael instructs Zander on how to use a mask and snorkel. They lose me at the "spit in the mask" phase. ::snort::

Nolan used the flippers...had a bit of time getting them ON. 

 Stacia wanted to go swimming.  I reverted back to the Philippines and told her we used to swim in dresses. She laughed at the novelty of it all and had a great time.

Our friends invited us to dinner. Those of you who know me in person know that I'm allergic to shell-fish. HOWEVER, I was NOT about to be rude...and loved the fact that they invited us to share the pot....I decided to just do broth...which was miso based....good - a bit strong.

The boys all shared a ladle...sometimes you just have to go with it. 

And go with it - Michael did. We had wondered how they'd get all the meat off the small crabs. They put them in the pot with the broth....and well....ate them shell and all. They don't spit out the shells...and several of their men did it to show us how.

And the title? It seems broth with crabu in it is not a great option for me either. I'm having cramps and such....and we've titled my got it....crabu gasu.

Tonight at dinner Stacia was scared and so Zander said, "I'll talk in Japanese" and went on to talk about "crabus"....Stacia looked at him and said, "Serious Zander? You don't think I know what crabu means?" ::snort::  

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


I was up at 2:30 - before anyone else. I had solitude. I had a cup of tea and read some blogs I haven't been able to get to for quite some time.

Then? I went for an 05:30 walk at our beach.  I took Yuuki with me and it was WONDERFUL.

Folks used to leave their boats on this beach....and then we had the Tsunami...and the boats were in trees......there haven't been boats left on the beach for some time....and now there is's tied up...but it's there. 

I walked from our beach down to the surfer beach. I had hoped to walk on the "pier"....

Yuuki had other thoughts. ::snort:: 

We did find lots of early morning surfers. 

If I hadn't of had jet lag, I wouldn't have been at the beach at 05:30. I love it.

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...