Saturday, February 07, 2015

A "Normal" Saturday Part 2

It simply wouldn't be right to end this day without reporting on the conclusion of the quest for World Domination RISK.
Arielle won!
This meant the loser Nolan had to preform a few specific acts of humiliation. It began with ten pushups. Michael grabbed the camera when Arielle informed him he would have to kiss Yuuki on the nose as well.

While their wagers played out I stayed safely in the kitchen preparing these for the youth group tomorrow. LOL
And then they got their second wind and played another game - which Zander lost.

A "Normal" Saturday

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately. When I process I used to EAT but that doesn't go well with my new RESOLVE not to be ruled by food addictions - now I bake or start a huge pot of soup. ::snort::

THIS is what happens when "one" forgets bread is rising.....nope - no way it was fitting in the bag.....
This doesn't really show the size
Giant bread - I was planning on baking some bread for Ottingers. Stacia thinks this is fine; Arielle commented it may be nice to bake them bread that will fit into a toaster. ::snort::

Michael is finishing up his sermon for tomorrow.  That makes this feel like a normal Saturday. I think  tomorrow will be a test. He did 1/2 a day on Wednesday and was flat on his back the rest of the day. Tomorrow we'll try RE and chapel and see what happens. He is on convalescent leave until 12 Feb....
The kids went to the park and then settled in for RISK and bracelet making........
This morning Arielle and Michael took over making two ice cream cakes for me. It was just FAR TO HARD for me to be around all that sugar I got a couple of recipes of sugarless treats made up. Those bars of mine don't look at all like hers.....I wonder if there is such a thing as white dates and I didn't use the chocolate but mine still look darker and thinner.....Anyway - Cookie Dough Bars and Chocolate/Peanut Butter Fudge Balls are stocked up to help me ward off the relentless onslaught of ice cream cake in the upcoming week. We've hit boy birthday week in our home.  Nolan will be 16, Josiah will be 26 and Zander will be 13 by the end of this week. Jamin hits 24 later in the month.