Friday, April 03, 2020

And Then There Was Snow....Again.

I had an 0800 clicklist pick up...I intended to hop in the van....but Mother Nature...had other plans.

Even my brave, silk daffodils couldn't brighten this situation. 

I picked up our clicklist  groceries. I picked up a tea and sat in the library parking lot and drank it. I tried to pick up dad's meds - not ready - again.  I drove to the post office and was there an hour before they opened. I waited in my car. We needed to mail a package and I truly hope NOT to have to go back to another crowded spot like that until this is over. I was surprised they didn't have the temporary plexiglass dividers up for their employees.  The only place I may have come into contact with "people" was at the post office...and I was careful. I came home and did the whole disinfecting/shower/launder clothes thing.

I found Stacia involved in dissecting a frog. She wasn't loving it. 
It's a rite of passage. 

I was NO help. at. all. Everything is better when Dad gets involved. 
Ah gloves - I could have supplied those. 

Krista had USAF training and a zoom birthday party.  Michael and Alex went to have their Bible study and to deliver masks to Joann's.  Stacia seemed to want to be alone. Dad was napping. Nolan was working. I spent a couple of hours in my room - and it was fine.

Our state has issued a new "health alert."  I know it's not a mandate... a step up from a good idea, but below an order.  ::snort:: The public is to wear cloth face masks when grocery shopping, or picking up meds...the only two things we are allowed to do outside our home.  This is in addition to social distancing. The previous links explains the reasoning and gives patterns for a no sew and an easy sew mask.

I played around with scrap material and the no sew mask idea....this worked better than the napkin. I made the starting square MUCH smaller. Instead of 18x18...I did 9x12. LOL

Michael came home with ANOTHER BOLT of fabric from Joann's. Free. We now have 8 yards of fabric to turn into masks. I doubt I will get around to making a quarantine quilt...but I sure know how to make simple face masks.  I think I like this better than the flamingos they gave us earlier.

We plan to make masks for Nolan and his co-workers FIRST...and Cory if he needs or wants some...then we may keep some for us and take the remaining zillion back to Joann's. They are fine with us giving them out in the community...We will use more masculine fabric for Nolan. LOL

Alex had to write an email explaining why he is not reporting to work...I began to question if we are wrong to ask him not to work...but then I remember...we have high risk in our home. This is a nasty virus if you catch it.

Dad and Michael 

Our moose was back...she's so ready to calve. 

Michael spent some time talking with John's social worker today. Please continue to pray for John and Mary and add our niece Sierra to your prayer lists as well. One is in CA and one is in CO.

Pandemic Stats: 
Alaska seems to have a slow, steady increase of cases. They reported 11 new cases from yesterday...15 in the hospital (up 3)…no new deaths....a total of 157 confirmed cases.  I believe our state team informing and implementing alerts and mandates early is leading to a "flattened curve." Everyone is cautiously optimistic.

Sadly - there were a 1000 deaths in the US yesterday.