Saturday, January 29, 2022

Routines - Part 2

Fridays mean Bible study with Stacia. We discussed Mark 9 - 14 today. We'll have one more week in Mark and then we are also going to work through The Hard Good by Lisa Whittle.  We debated what to do this morning. It's still DARK outside these mornings so climbing to the top of a mountain for a study isn't as appealing as it is in June. In the end we went to our favorite spot.  The plan was for me to go inside and order, bring the food out to the car and we'd study in the car....

The ladies at Sophia's are so nice. Audrey actually insisted on bringing our food and drinks out to the car. 

Car selfies are challenging

We had a window we needed to hit today. We came home, helped with Grandpa's morning routine, let the chickens out, picked up Allie and were at the hair salon when they opened. 

We left the salon and dropped Allie off for lunch with her uncle. I raced Stacia home for Japanese tutoring. Stacia is now going to meet with her Japanese sensei twice a week. Today was the first Friday.  I ran back to town and had time to pick up meds for Dad and read a chapter in the parking lot before Allie walked outside. 

We had planned to go out with Arielle, but the timing was simply too tight. Michael and Alex went out for their study. They talked about the Ark of the Covenant. We spent the afternoon schooling. This is what couch school looked like today. The girls are writing, I was on the other couch finishing this week's reading from Wuthering Heights. 

Millie's hair is starting to grow out...she was happy to laze around with us this afternoon. 

We begin every week thinking we will have people over Friday night. Lately, we are dragging by Friday morning and are happy we can crash in the afternoon.  We enjoyed our Pizza and watched Godzilla vs. Kong. 

Grandpa is still not feeling well. He doesn't have a fever or covid. He didn't throw up today, but is WEAK, sleeping all day and nauseated. We're pushing fluids, the BRAT diet, and lots of sleep. Nolan has cold symptoms. Stacia is still battling her cough.