Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hair Cutting Adventure

The day was full with school, friends, care-giving and family.

Poor Michael had more pain again today - but he did get the email approving his convalescent leave - only took me visits to eight different spots to get it approved. ::snort::

 These photos are the result of letting Stacia use my camera...evidently the model and photographer need a bit of parental input.

Zander and Arielle cut a deal for Arielle to cut his hair. I didn't expect this.  It's not my hair - so it's their deal. There were many jokes about her not shaving  a heart into the back of HIS head.....Not bad....needs to be evened up. Zander hates hair cuts. He doesn't like the buzzing sound either....but he usually buzzes it to nothing so he can go a long time in between hair cuts. ::snort:: This is a compromise the two of them worked out.