Friday, October 09, 2020

Our Dog Had Dreadlocks

We have many darling photos to share of Millie - but you know - I have to blog to do that. LOL 

We hit a milestone on October 9th! Not only was it Dad's first full day home, Millie got her first hair cut. She had become quite a fluff ball - but we had to wait until she had all her shots. Our dog had dread locks. 

At 5 months she is over 30 lbs and at least 21 inches high.  We loved her fluff, Stacia grooms her at least once a day - often more. She looks nothing like a poodle. 

We headed to the groomer. They said they often have to take Labradoodle's to the skin due to matting. I assured them we'd been grooming her faithfully.  They were impressed. They said there was only one small matted clump....and she seemed to enjoy herself. 

She certainly LOOKS different. We miss the fluff, but some of it is sure to come back. They said a lot of the frizz was baby hair and it wouldn't have been gone anyway with time. 

She looks much smaller, doesn't she? This was also Dad's first full day at home. It began with breakfast, pills and the paper and ended with a family game of Farkle. I think he's happy to be out of prison. 

Michael is installing a few grab bars. We thought we had another month to get this done.