Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crescent City in January

We stayed at the Eureka KOA last night and I realized this a.m. I didn't take a single we are at 0700 getting ready to hitch up. Note the little moon above the van.

Yuuki obviously thinks she should take over the driving

Such attitude this dog has - she is NOT happy to be moved from the driver's seat

We left Eureka and headed  85 miles up the road to spend the rest of the weekend visiting with Mom G. We haven't been up since Labor Day. We haven't seen her since Thanksgiving.  Along the way we ran into the famous herd of Roosevelt Elk down by Prairie Creek State Park. This guy posed for Michael - and yes he DID get really close.

Mom G has been busy making some valentines for Izaak and BreAnne's wedding reception  - these are some in progress

It is UNBELIEVABLE how warm and beautiful the weather has been. I know - don't hate us. I cannot believe it is winter. We've been enjoying high 60's...yesterday and today has been GORGEOUS up here too - no wind, lots of sun. We enjoyed sitting out on the porch - in JANUARY.

This isn't a great picture but it's a precious moment. I went looking for my sweatshirt. I came back and sat down and Mom G said, "Evidently you found it. That certainly isn't my sweatshirt!" ::snort:: There's nothing better than a shared laugh on a porch in January.

Me and my Boyfriend

Michael and John, a friend from high school

Yuuki made acquaintance with the neighbor today. She went in their garage, sat at the door into the house and when he opened the door, she tore into his home and began sniffing it out. Oy vey. 

I put meatballs and sauce in the crock pot before we went over to Mom G's house. After a day of visiting (adults) and playing on the river (kids), we were ready to move on to dinner. Mom G joined us at the campground. This property used to have a house and a horse pasture on it when Michael was growing up. It's now a thriving RV community and the house is available to rest in, play pool, do laundry and cook. A church meets here on Sundays.  Mom G came over for dinner and visiting. After clean up....
Ticket to Ride - my new favorite I think
 Mom G scrolls around the blog

The boys invented a new game where you swat at the balls instead of using cue sticks...

Today was a blast...and we get to enjoy another full day tomorrow. Monday is a holiday!

Choosing Joy!
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