Monday, May 01, 2017

Mini-Misawa Reunion

Colorado Springs is full of both active duty and retired military. Tonight, we got to connect with a dear family we met during our Misawa, Japan assignment. They are not military, but do work with the government in conjunction with the military.  

But FIRST - we had to retrieve Yuuki from the neighbor's home. 

Yep, Marvie IS the shortest one in the crowd. Stacia passe her up. 

It didn't take the kids long to recover their past friendships
Alex (front), Stacia, Ashley and Nolan
Michael and Jim visited and grilled yummy salmon

The whole group 

Jim and Marvie are soon moving to another state. We are blessed to have been able to catch up with them before the move.  It was inspiring to hear all they did to their house to make it a home - makes me think we may be able to make a house a home at some point.  I missed seeing Alex, their son, but we got to catch up with him last year at JaRissa's wedding.

Pacing off 5 Acres

This posts serves a few's fun to see how beautiful it is here at Earl and Mary's. We've been looking at property online and I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around how big an acre, 3 acres, 5 acres and 10 acres may be. Earl told us they have 5 acres - and it's squared. We paced it - follow the red dots.

Front - barn and house in the background 

Looking from the back to the front of the property

Looking across - the barn up to the right

Back of the property 

I think this will help us all keep in mind how much area is covered by an acre.