Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Texts, phone calls, emails....a holiday celebrated well......
I am ALWAYS the first one up. This morning I found Stacia and Arielle up. They were busy decorating.
A Pinterest pencils, chocolate and bracelets made by Stacia inside the flower centers.
Stacia was in charge of decorating and Arielle graciously helped her.
By 0630 she was out.
 Next on our agenda was church. After church we had a celebratory lunch at Burger King - because it was convenient, wouldn't be crowded and I HATE eating out on holidays with crowded restaurants. The men went to finish work on the trailer....bless took all day....but they got er done and saved us bucks in the process.

We spent time in the evening to enjoy the loving touches from the kids....
Another encouragement to look forward....flamingos and trailer living.
Michael bought me these
The boys got me teeny tiny office in a box - for the trailer.
Sporting new glasses and bracelets made by Stacia
A box came earlier in the week. I thought it MAY be something the kids or Michael had ordered. I waited. No one claimed it. I finally asked. No one had ordered anything. Turns out it was a gift from BreZaak. Check it of the first things I do after each move is put down and welcome mat - and the last thing I do is take it up.....again reminding me that home is not in a state....