Friday, August 17, 2012

The Day After

Zander had Stacia out early this morning teaching her how to use her scooter. She seemed like a natural until this afternoon when she fell and was introduced to road burn.

Arielle gave Stacia a pedicure yesterday. Stacia is now sure she should give me one.... notice the big toe. LOL

I had a long list of things I needed to get done for regional  - I didn't get them all done....but I DID enjoy a two hour Skype meeting with PWOC Japan's Conference Coordinator and a friend who served as a Regional Conference Coordinator in the last 2 year term.  Lots of great information passing back and forth. I'm thrilled to see how God moves through Kristin to bless our ladies in November 2013. 

I also spent a couple of hours working on notes for a talk I'll give tomorrow. 

I had thought I'd make pizza for the kids and ratatouille for Michael and he wasn't impressed with Annies Veggie pizza.....  Everyone loves the Sourdough English Muffin as a pizza dough...and I made it  vegan.....added chicken, turkey pepperoni and cheese on the kids....
I make homemade pizza sauce....and when I smell it - I just couldn't we made our own veggie....mushrooms, broccoli, jalpeno olives, red peppers,  green onions, tomatoes....I grated a zucchini - I hoped it would look like cheese ...but it got too fine...and lots of cheese - totally vegan.
Michael ate it. I liked it. The veggies were a bit week I'll roast them first....or some of them....and I'll be sure to have some artichokes...Michael said it was way better than Annies.  I plan on trying the ratatouille tomorrow.

After dinner, I disappeared again to work on my notes for tomorrow. I'm condensing the general sessions from WILD to share at a local planning retreat.  I was working on a combined slide show but decided really - I would have to go get screen, projector, show up early to get it all hooked up and I think I'd be the only one using it for an hour - then have to put it all back- I'd rather catch the end of  Road to Bali with the family. Star Trek (original) and I'll call it a night.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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