Friday, November 24, 2017

Tale of Two Tablecloths

For over 20 years this simple white tablecloth has been at all our Thanksgiving meals. It is our habit to have everyone who attends the meal, sign the cloth. We then embroider the names. Above is the signing of 2014 - and then it went missing. We did not have it in 2015 and 2016 - we were full timing in the RV and it would have turned up if we did. LOL 

I have looked EVERYWHERE and we can't find it.  I can't even get old photos from the blog as Photobucket has changed their policy and I need to pay to have those photos released. In one of our many computer crashes we lost the photos that Photobucket now holds hostage. We're going to have to pay and print all those years in one year of paying for Photobucket....or download them all and manually add them to the blog....we plan to print all the guess we should pay and do it. It's my need to go through each post and edit, gussie them up that has slowed us down. I just need to print them mistakes and all. 

ANYWAY - this year I needed to find a tablecloth as none of them fit our current table.  I ended up finding some  - bought one for both tables......As I'm somewhat thrifty, I didn't want to buy one that could only be used for one holiday - and I'm still counting on finding the other one anyway......

I bought these. They are shimmery and have gold and silver snowflakes on them  - which match the rim of both my china sets.  As I set the table yesterday, I realized, it isn't very fall like at all......

I commented at dinner that Alaska may be the only state  where I could get away with snowflakes for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. To which someone quipped...."Probably get  Easter too."