Saturday, March 30, 2024

Easter Prep

Yesterday we attended a powerful Good Friday Service. Another one of those charges one will consider for weeks to come. Good stuff. 

Today, Cory and the boys met me at a local church which was putting on a FUN event. Group publishes the curriculum... an interactive celebration of Jesus.  Bre and the kids were going to meet us there too, but a couple of hers have a bug. 

We entered and were giving brief instructions and a couple of puzzle pieces. 

In each room a parent reads the Easter story to the kids, they complete a craft, and earn a puzzle piece or two. We received special 3D glasses, felt empty grave cloths and smelled a decaying tomb, navigated a "giant rock" through a maze, made necklaces, butterflies that fly, heard the Easter Story from a teacher, and so much more. This was a great event. I hope they do it again next year. Kudos to the youth and kids from Lazy Mountain Bible Church who helped man all the stations. 

Charles caught on camera! LOL 

Serious crafting

Working the rock through the maze

Cory, Danny, Benny, Charles, Bachan

If there's one thing this year has taught me it's how fleeting time together can be. I intend to make as many memories as possible with these kids and never knows when things will change. 

BreZaak may have a bug at their house but that didn't stop the kids and BreAnne from making Resurrection Rolls. It's fun to see this tradition live on at Bre's house. 

Annie, Gideon, Bella, Jojo

Carrie sent this shot's is Josiah's dimple, eyes...maybe even a bit of his smile? I can't wait to get these girls home again. Bachan needs some hugs. 
Josi Faith

Pastor Brian had asked regular attenders of church to consider attending one of the two Saturday night Easter services. There are seven services this year. Friday the overflow was open and tonight when we went back for the Easter service it was full again... people have made decisions for Jesus, baptisms,'s been an awesome Easter already. Pastor assured us it will be o.k. to stay home Sunday and celebrate on Saturday. I don't believe I have EVER stayed home on an Easter Sunday in all of my 60 years. I plan to be prayerful of the services going on, rest, and prep for brunch with our bunch and Jenni and Jamin. 

1. Being close enough to make memories with grandblessings. 
2. Worship. 
3. Jenni.

Note: Bre and Carrie took the photos of their kids today.