Saturday, August 26, 2017


The best way to spend a Saturday after a busy week is to CUT DOWN TREES!!!! Larissa has gone outside (AK speak for anywhere not in Alaska).  Jamin and Jared came over with Cody and Lassie - the grand dogs. They thought they'd seal the deck - a project we are trying to do before winter - but the weather was forecasting rain. They settled on felling four trees, splitting wood and hauling it to the wood-shed.

Cory, Michael, Jamin, Jared, Izaak 

Michael brought the first one down - he barely got into it and it was falling

These trees were a hazard. 

Cory cut them into manageable pieces

There are four less black X's in the yard


Alex hauled them to the woodshed

Lassie - JaRissa's dog

Cody - Josiah's dog 
 Michael and the boys had built a saw buck earlier in the week - they  put it to use today. 

 Mary Ellen, a neighbor who lives behind us, though we can't see her house this time of year, stopped by. She lived in the bush for years. She lives alone. She's 70. She said we were making her think she should get out her chain saw.  She brought us a bucket of  yummy raspberries from her place. She gardens - organically - and is open to helping me get set up to do the same.

After the trees were down - everyone took a bit of time to play. I met another neighbor when they called to let us know they had Yuuki. She's earned perpetual stake status. 

Dodge ball on the trampoline
Jared, Nolan and Jamin 

Jamin, Nolan and Jared 
 As you can see above, Jared kept getting hit in the chest. This often triggers his SVT - so we watched to see...but all was fine. 

Arielle was finally able to get up on the trampoline - she didn't get to play dodge ball or jump. 

Stacia and I took the raspberries left after lunch, added some service berries to them, and made a cobbler.

After the busy week we've had, it would have been nice to laze around....but it feels good to get so much done. We're in a race against winter. The leaves are turning.