Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Public Service Announcement

Sometime tomorrow our internet will be shut off in preparation for our final inspection here on 11 July. 

We will move to Temporary Lodging on the 10th and will have wifi there. 

Do not worry that the moving monsters have overtaken us if we don't have time to blog in the next few days.....

We will return! 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

The Provision of God

We have a home! Getting approved to rent  in CA is as much work as getting a security clearance! ::snort::  It was a challenge, but our new landlord was very patient, we all worked hard to make it happen and today we emailed the contract back and forth, and wired money to secure a two year lease!  

We weren't sure this would go through. When we first contacted the landlord there were two others looking at the home...they hadn't gone through all the steps of the application process. 

We had three homes we were considering...and all the owners had been incredibly helpful.  There was a fourth we really wanted - but it was a smaller home (would have been tight) on 11 acres, with many others looking at it already.   Our three realistic choices were a 2800 SF home in a gated community, a 2800 SF home in this same area or this home. This one is 3100 SF...and sewer, water, garbage and lawn service are included. 

We had a family meeting on Sunday to decide which home to pursue. Michael and the two youngers really liked the home in the gated community. The allure of the lake, grandmas and grandpas, and security were strong.  About this time we were told there would be an additional  $1000.00 security deposit because the home had NEW...WHITE wall to WALL BERBER carpet. This gave me a knot in my gut!  But the pull to live in the foothills with trees, lake and pool was strong. 

We thought this home was a long shot - but Arielle and Nolan really liked it best! 

I  liked the other home in the community. It was on a corner lot with vacant fields around it....but you can tell there was a plan to build more homes. No one else liked this home. 

Down to the two....and I needed to make a choice. I simply began talking (as I tend to do - Michael notes it's my processing style). I listed the advantages to the community. I then listed the advantages to this home...the biggest we've seen, a floor plan that will give us many more options for hospitality and family usage, the least monthly rent, very well kept, a fenced back yard, all utilities except gas/electric included, lawn service, a hot tub....and Michael said, "Let's go ahead and start the process with this home though there are others doing the same and see what happens. If this doesn't work out I want us to look again at the gated community."  With visions of learning what pickleball is and of joining domino and bocce clubs, I began the process of applying for the above home with a street name we love. (See I AM learning about security and am not posting that - nor many other pictures - and these photos don't give away the location).  

Meanwhile our landlord found this blog. That gave him a sense of who we are and that we'd take care of his home well....we passed the income thing, the credit score was good, I'm assuming our referrals were good,  the lease is signed.   Here we are - with a two year lease, a home to move into one week after the loss of the other home and three days after deciding to pursue this home. 

I'm sure we COULD have waited until we arrived to find a home...but we have one week in CA before we head to "the wedding." This way we can schedule our shipment to be dropped off the 23rd or 24th  (pending actual arrival) and unpack before we leave. It will be MUCH more relaxing in TX if we know we have a home when we return to CA...and yesterday, just as the contract arrived, the Realtor with the 11 acres emailed and asked us to start the process for that home....we told her we had moved another direction. I think the acreage would have been great fun, we could have had chickens, but even Zander liked other homes better. 

We're rejoicing in the provision of God. A bigger home, a nice spa, a FIRE pit (reminds us of camping), less rent than any other home we were looking at...we'll actually be able to pay rent and utilities from our BAH and continue our plan to live on 1/2 of Michael's salary for the years before retirement. 

We'll have neighbors close by - this is good prep for being missionaries in a crowded country.

I'm still not sure what to think about the Chicken thing...but I know our God cares, we always pray He places us in the neighborhood He'd like us in - and this is it. I will admit I'm tired of being placed next to neighbors who enjoy weekend/holiday keggers....but maybe this time.....

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

ANOTHER Birthday Celebration????

Another birthday celebration? Wasn't her birthday in MAY? Yes. Didn't you take her and her friends to a mountain onsen retreat? Yes. 

Arielle has had four friendships the past four years which I believe will be life-long. Two were from chapel and two were in our neighborhood.  She had stated she'd like to get kimono pictures with Molly and Gracie. She had earlier photos with Alicia and Emily. 

Today...was THE day...and the girls seemed to enjoy themselves. Who wouldn't?  You begin by picking out your favorite Kimono from an upstairs filled with choices in various sizes....

Next you are given your special socks and sandals

You are dressed - just so! 

Your hair is styled - just so! 

 Then the fun of a photo shoot. They were a bit perplexed with Arielle's fingernail polish choices (red, white and blue stripes) and band aids.... The photos turned out GREAT. I have no way to scan them in so will have to do that later.

The girls were full of chatter and it was fun to enjoy lunch with them afterward. I thought they all looked really elegant for the luncheon.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Our Lists have Lists

Wow....we are in full moving mode now....details...details....our LISTS HAVE LISTS..... Accomplished today (and maybe blog posts to follow on a couple of items). 

  • Workout
  • Went to Pass and ID three times - finally got the van transferred (thought this would take 10 minutes but didn't account for the time to go to our insurance and their insurance - all done)
  • Took Arielle and friends for Kimono photos
  • Took Arielle and friends to lunch
  • Talked to vet office and discovered I should not have trusted their assurances the past three weeks that they WOULD be able to give Yuuki shots and a certificate before the 10th.  The new vet will BEGIN appts on the 15th. We can get shots and certificate off base  ..but bordatella isn't given in Japan,  which means we can't kennel her. I've already paid for the this adds a lot to the list for next week as the vet office closed. However the certificate has to be within 10 days of need to wait until the 6th anyway.....
  • Wired money and contract for a house (this took significantly more time than one would think - had to work with Michael's incredible schedule, the banks schedule, international time differences) it done! 
  • Took Arielle back to photographer to choose photos
  • Stacia had a fitting and got her dress - Aki is so cute!
  • Bought samurai swords for the boys
  • Shopped for a couple of packages I'll  mail on Monday
  • Picked up the photos of Arielle and friends
  • Older two went to youth group
  • Younger two, Michael and I went out for dinner
  • Hit the BX to buy BOXES to mail things - not sure where I'm mailing them TOO....but I'm mailing. 
Choosing Joy!

©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...