Sunday, September 18, 2022

New Pastor's Family in Alaska

I do not usually blog on Sunday, but today is a rule-breaker, special day in our family. I reminded Dad it was a special Sunday this a.m. when I got him up. 

"Is the potluck today?" 

Now, that WILL be special, but that is not today. 

Cory, Arielle's husband, (the Cor of CoRielle) has been an administrator at Farm Loop Christian Center for the past year. They've been attending and serving at the church for five years. Today, Cory was licensed and is an official pastor. This was the pastor, leadership and church body affirming the call they see on Cory's life. 

Pastor John invited Michael to say a few words and to pray over Cory. 

📷by Larissa 

He had four charges he read to Cory. I don't have the charge, but it was meaningful and reminded me of the day decades ago when we took these steps in ministry. 

Arielle, Cory and Pastor John 📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa 

📷by Larissa 

We couldn't be prouder of Cory...or I should say of the work of God in Cory's life. This couple has been faithful to follow God step by step and it was fun to celebrate this milestone with them. 

Cory spoke on the Good Shepherd and on the kind of shepherd he commits to be. It was powerful.  It was a good reminder of who God calls us to be as leaders, and who He is in our lives as well. 

📷by Larissa 

On a separate note, see that hat in the front row - we were thrilled to connect with Bonnie, or Grannie Bonnie as Benny calls her. 

Benny was in the row behind us. I believe he is in the middle of drawing a picture of Jesus for Larissa at this point. 
📷by Larissa 

After the service CoRielle's connect group had provided a reception. It was fun to see a few old friends and to meet several new folks. 
Cory and Dad

Josiah, Jamin, Cory and Michael 

I'm including this first photo, though Larissa caught a better one, because 1. it's the first one where I figured out how to add stickers to my photos for Little Buddy (though I can't find a smiley face) and 2. I was teasing Arielle about her big smile. She told me she gets the big smile from me. What do you think? Arielle and Cory have the technique of getting photos with the boys DOWN...
Benny in front
Little Buddy, Cory, Danny, Arielle

Maybe the open mouth, big smile is my influence. LOL 
📷by Larissa 

And...just like that...let me introduce you to the newest pastor's family in Alaska. 
📷by Larissa