Thursday, March 24, 2016

Visitors at the Caboose

It's great fun to have visitors at The Caboose.  Today, we hosted Rob and Michelle on to base. They are the pastors of The Rivers Foursquare church, where we've been attending. It was great fun to have them to ourselves for a couple of hours. We showed them around the base, chatted and they even met a couple of the chaplains here.

We have really loved our months at The Rivers. Pastor Rob has a heart to disciple this body of believers. He is a teacher at heart and this flavors the Sunday services. I've never seen so much give and take during a Sunday morning service - and I love it. If someone doesn't understand what he is saying, they ask right then. In January we focused on what the GOSPEL is, what it means, how to communicate it....really good stuff. He is concerned we be able to clearly understand and share the gospel with others. In February we looked at the vision and purpose of this specific church. YES....and moving into March we've been talking about what a healthy church looks like. Pastor invited Michael to preach the services last week.  What an honor and a blessing for us. This was the first time Michael has preached since retiring from the chaplaincy and receiving the Parkinson's diagnosis. I think it was good in a variety of ways....the message was powerful and one several responded to....we loved being able to give back to Pastor and this body in some way, and it was good for Michael to be "back in the saddle" again.   After church we were invited out for lunch with Eric and Theresa - a fun conversation and a great lunch! We are going to MISS this church. Our only regret is not having joined the evening discipleship classes as we thought we'd be moving on before they finished the series.

We had just gotten back from spending time with Rob and Michelle when the C family dropped by. Michael and I enjoyed catching up with Stephanie and the kids were happy for a break from school!
Nolan, Cole and Alex

Hello, Elise! 

Clara Beth and Elise
It's amazing how GREEN everything is in our area this year. There is rumor El Nino may make for rain in the summer any event we're enjoying the GREEN.

Our other visiting opportunity wasn't at the Caboose, but Michael and I were able to stop in and visit Ron and Margaret during one of our trips to the VA. It was so good to see them.