Thursday, August 02, 2012


Another amazing beach prayer walk with Yuuki.

I put in a few hours catching up on Regional business today.

I helped kids with summer school.

I spent 3 hours on dinner..... For Michael and I...need to go buy MORE produce that salad is sad, sad, sad....and a variety of fruit.

The kids had spaghetti meatballs and the same veggie and fruit options.  Michael ATE a pepper....after several recipes mentioning "soggy" stuffed peppers.....didn't use much sauce...turns out my man likes not a total hit - but he ATE one.....better than the last beans and rice...which brings me to my next point...I must find some vegan main dish options, we both like, besides a zillion varieties of beans and rice...and this isn't soup weather either. LOL

I liked the stuffing - though it would SING with a bit of cheese, don't you think? As it is - I'll put a bit in a tortilla....I'll figure it out. The marinade for the asparagus was good.

Look at this - a cool breather!!!!!!
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