Sunday, January 03, 2021

9th Day of Christmas


and then...the girls went to friends. The boys were working. Dad, Mike and I went out to lunch. 

We texted Arielle to see if we could stop by for a quick visit. They were game. Look at how Danny is growing....He much prefers his back to Tummy Time....

Benny cracked us up. Michael sat on the corner of the coffee table in their living room. The same coffee table Michael remembers playing under as a 3 year old. Benny, now 3, looked at Michael and in all seriousness said, "Papa, don't sit on Mama's table, you will BREAK it." LOL 

I've always loved these magna-tiles and wanted them for my kids...but they were never in the budget. This year we bought sets for both families. It was fun to play with Benny's set today. 

After the excitement of church, lunch out and playing with Great Grandkids, Dad came home and took a long Sunday nap. 

Michael and I read and chillaxed.