Monday, February 15, 2010

Savoring (and packing ::snort::)

We've spent the past couple of days simply savoring each moment we have together. How strange that it takes an upcoming separation to really slow down and laugh about the snoring, reach for hands more often when running errands, hug and cuddle more often, silly little glances, snuggling close to hear the heartbeat you won't hear for a bit of time....savoring. One of the joys of deployments; a new awareness of how much you truly do mean to each other.

We are staying up late to watch Star Wars; a special, special treat for the kids.

Tomorrow, we begin our "deployment trial" as Mike leaves for a month. He'll be home mid-March for a bit more time and then the real thing. Our goal in the next month is to find all the little things we've not thought of and take care of them before the real thing. We've never had the luxury of a trial run before. ::snort::

One of the fun things about these trips are the new toys Michael brings home!
From 2010-02-15
From 2010-02-15

Nah, I won't get preachy - but - (ah shoot; I'm a teacher,I have to get preachy) if you have the luxury of keeping your spouse home, why not pretend you have a long separation coming up and see if you can't savor a bit of the fun without the parting?

Choosing Joy!
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