Saturday, September 17, 2022

Jamin's Housewarming Party

 We have no September birthday, but the 3rd Saturday of the month IS our monthly family celebration. I suggested we all meet at Jamin's new house and have a housewarming. He agreed this would be fun and off we went.  Jamin provided the lasagna and we all brought sides.  It was a beautiful afternoon/evening to be outside.  BreZaak, KrUke, and Nolan weren't able to make it, but the rest of us enjoyed being together. The kids immediately began to put his big yard to use. 

Little Buddy, Danny, Benny

Danny chases the ball! 

There were Frisbees and bubbles. 
Little Buddy, Benny, Jamin, Cory, Stacia, Allie and Arielle 

Danny, Livie, Benny 

"Red" and GG

It's always more fun when Dad plays! 

Little Buddy and Danny are becoming great buds! 

Cory had Little Buddy laughing hard! He jumped over him. 

Little ones do love balls! 

We used to play kick ball as a family when the kids were young! I was thrilled to come outside and see they'd begun a rousing game of kick ball. This is one all ages and skills can participate in together. I don't know WHY we haven't played it at our place before...This brought back such fun memories of when the Gherkins were all younger. 

Jared, Michael, Josiah, Arielle, Liv, Benny, Alex, Allie

Stacia, Alex, Jared, Liv, Arielle, Benny, Jamin, Michael, Allie


Benny LOVED playing with everyone!

Get him, Michael. 

📷by Larissa

Run, HOME, Benny! 

Meanwhile these younger two think there is NOTHING funnier than having Dad jump over their heads! 

It was a really fun day! We were blessed by a clear, fall day to enjoy one more gathering outside! We'll see what happens in October.  Thanks, Jamin! We're happy to have you as a "neighbor." 
Arielle, Cory, LIttle Buddy, Benny, Danny, Jamin, Stacia, Allie