Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"All" Are Here

I reached an all-time low as a daughter today. I switched roles with my mother. She commented her sugar was high this a.m. We went for lunch and she ordered a sandwich and an ice cream and I told her, "No, you can't have ice cream." Oh, the perplexed look I got. She replied she always gets one.  At this point a sane De'Etta would have let it drop...but I claim Thanksgiving brain or something.....

"You can't have one. I'm not letting the kids have ice cream. Your sugar was high this a.m." 

I don't think Mom could comprehend that her DAUGHTER was bossing her around like this. 

Then I did it. I told the cashier, "I'm paying. She won't have the ice cream." 

We've laughed about it since. Mom says I'm mothering her. I'm shocked.

After a Thanksgiving service at the base, we headed home to wait....all was ready.  The welcome Krista and Mom Mary tea table.

Trailer for our boys, Izaak, Dakota and Mom and Dad

They're here! Krista picked up Mom Mary in Grants Pass, OR this morning. They took her car to a friends and she and Grandma drove to CA.

 Sister Spa....

I made an EASY dinner of spaghetti and meatballs and then we had family circle. We had each picked a leaf from the tree and shared those verses.

Love this picture

The final guests arrive - it appears BreAnne is not the world's best navigator. ::snort:: 

We reheated dinner for the final four and then visited - far into the night/morning. We miss the boys and Shelby....but we plan to enjoy having family around to the fullest.

Choosing Joy!
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