Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photobucket Zander's Advice

Zander's lover called to talk to him. He gave her some helpful advice for any woman out on her own. I thought I'd share it here.

"If your car is out of gas, go to the gas station and fill it."

"If your car gets a flat tire, put the spare on and then call me."


Photobucket The Last Two Days

I didn't blog yesterday.

I haven't been to the gym the past two days - but I did swim yesterday. If you know me that tells you that the past two days have not gone according to schedule and yet I'm still making time to play with the littles. ::snort:: That says it all. I honestly can't remember what I did yesterday.

We are learning lots of great things about the Romans and will shortly study their fall: the last topic of our year. Have I mentioned lately what a good fit TOG has been for us?

Highlights of today:

Chad and Sherri offered Josiah a good deal on a couple of items and a free deal on others. I've been texting Cy and he now owns a bed, some pans, a fan, a bookshelf and some sheets. The kids and I drove across town to pick up.

Krista has called a few times with organizations she wants our opinion on. Exciting days for her. If you've heard of Sons of Salvation, Operation Mobilisation (their ships specifically), or Mercy Ships feel free to email or leave a comment. If you have FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE we'd really love to hear from you. We ARE aware of Mercy Ship's ministry from our time in the Philippines. They are doing all sorts of things in Monrovia, Liberia. Mom & Dad, go check out their blog here and see clips of Liberia. Krista's plan is to resign her staff position with Master's Commission in August and find a job to work and earn her mission's support. She really HATES to ask for money...but it sure appears to me that she's going to have to raise funds if she plans to go overseas for a year or two....God will supply. It's a huge step of faith for her without a "home church" behind her....I mean WE are behind her but she's not lived at the same church forever and ever......and the chapel doesn't seem to really support missions near as I can remember....seriously WHOSE mission flavor would you support I guess.

My digital prints from Costco arrived. I can see a few things I'll change but I really like the way they look. *I* like the colors and frills. I called a local store. She STILL doesn't have her printer ready but promises she will by Monday. ::snort:: She thinks her price will be $3.49....Costco is $1.67 (3 prints from a 12x36 print) but no shipping locally and instant gratification. She told me that emailing my prints to Cindy lessens the print quality.... I still won't have photos for an "accurate" comparison as the ones here won't be emailed. ::snort:: I thought it was nice of her to point that out. I LOVE the way these prints are nice and big....and if at some later time in my life....say when Stacia is in Jr high or high school.....I have lots of time to do more scrapping and don't like my naked albums or my digital albums....I can cut the photos out of these digital layouts and scrap them manually. ::snort:: At least they are OFF MY COMPUTER and in an albums for the family to enjoy. Thanks again all who nudged me to try digiscrapping.

I do NOT know what we've been doing but we have been exhaustingly busy. ::snort:: Mike is working late tonight so I'll get the kids in bed shortly and try to read or something relaxing. LOL


This was sent to Mike. I checked it out on Snopes. They say it's true.

I think God loves to show off His creativity....but for the Sceintific explaination, read below.

This is a fire rainbow - rarest of all naturally occuring atmospheric phenomena.

The picture was captured on the ID/WA border. The event lasted about 1 hour.

Clouds have to be cirrus, at least 20K Feet in the air, with just the right amount of ice crystals and the sun has to hit the clouds at precisily 58 degrees.

Text found in email and snopes.


Photobucket I've posted an interview with Karen Woodward over at Homeschool Blog Awards today. Karen was 2005's winner of the Best International Blog Award. She shares advice for those considering missions, encourages those who are homeschooling in "less than ideal" situations, and proves it is possible to blog AND maintain a clean desk at the same time. Check it out.