Monday, August 08, 2016

Visiting Veteran & Solved Mysteries

In addition to their two shelves in the closet, each of our kids has one tub for their personal things. I don't police what they choose to keep with them. These sit on their beds. It seemed essential when we were first ditching suburbia.  They are stored on their bunks. Moving them each evening and morning seemed like a small price to pay. BUT they are HEAVY.....when they aren't on the bunks, they block plastic shelving units we are using on the unused 4th bunk.  When we travel, Stacia and I pull them to the middle or front of the Caboose. Today, I picked the first one up with EASE and then each of the others. 

I was especially impressed with the difference in weight in Alex's tub. We had all been trying to figure out why HIS tub was SO heavy. He had said he suspected  legos weighed a lot. Well - he DID have a lot of legos.....but I'd not seen him take much out of the tub for Mom's attic. Further questioning produced the info  the box he'd stored in the attic was his ROCK COLLECTION! Yep, that would make a difference. ::snort::

We drove on up to Wilsonville this afternoon. We have reservations at Pheasant Ridge RV Resort for three nights. We are told it will be 35 - 45 minutes to the zoo and 25 min to the VA hospital. We are setting up for our trip to the Neurologist/Movement Disorder Specialist. We had JUST finished setting up when there was a knock on the Caboose. Uncle Olie had found us! Go figure! He didn't know which park we were at, what space we were in - but he found us.  I lvoe that. Walt is Dad's childhood friend. He was the first Veteran I knew...and I liked him so well I went and married one. ::wink::
Walt's advice ended up saving us a lot of heartache when we had to park the beast at the VA hospital....