Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Trip Home

 We spent a bit of time appreciating the "RV Resort" before head pulled up jacks...we didn't want to leave TOO EARLY....we planned to go to Arby's for lunch - a CoRielle dipnetting tradition. 

I love these edible planters at the front of each space. 

OK - this sign is funny. 

We hit the road after a quick picnic lunch at the soccer fields. There were quite a few fires last year. It is hauntingly beautiful to see the fireweed blooming in the burned area. 

Michael enjoyed sharing RV knowledge with Cory. 

Arielle and I had the boys in the truck. We made many more pit pretty places! It was good to ride together and have that time to catch up with each other. 

We arrived home late in the afternoon. Millie was happy to see Stacia - and the rest of us. 

We began laundry, unloaded...caught up with Will and Dad. Ate a bit of dinner...all the things. These girls are happy to be home - I think. LOL 

I didn't take photos on the 29th - Dad, Michael and I took Will to the airport. We ran a couple of errands and continued unpacking and stowing equipment.  

We have memories to unpack and store as well. 

I never managed to blog last years dip netting trip. It was overwhelming. I'm happy to say I did it this year....Can you believe July is over?