Thursday, May 12, 2011


We had a few goals for this day. ENJOY our last day together to the fullest. Pull off a SURPRISE birthday party for Arielle. We knew she wouldn't suspect as her birthday is 23 May - IF we could be discreet....and with 10 of us trying to be discreet....there was a tad bit of fun. 

Krista, Stacia, Mom and I left for Newport and Walmart. I made a general announcement.... "Is Bre still asleep? C'mon Krista, you've been wanting to buy stuff for your trip - this is a great time to do it." She and I began to rush out of the house. Mom and Stacia asked to come....and we rushed out. ::snort:: We had a list of things to find  both for a birthday and for an international trip. We found it all. 

We called back to the house and found out that Michael had taken the kids to Depoe Bay to shop a bit. They headed out to pick up Grandpa (Dad) and met us at Mo's in Newport. We've all agreed we like the Lincoln City or Florence Mo's much better than the Newport. 


IRONY - we've spent many days at the Japanese beach and said, "The only thing missing is Mo's clam chowder and onion rings instead of a Ramen shop." Look at the new addition to Newport. Looks suspiciously like a Ramen shop to me. ::snort:: 

Lovely murals all around the bay front area

We'd never allowed the kids to waste .51 to get .01....but after reading Jen G's comment about .51 being the best, cheap souvenir she's let her kids get everywhere through the years....hey - GREAT idea. 

We ate. We shopped. I found a  GREAT tie-dyed hoodie. Then I decided I did NOT want to be the only person in Japan wearing one - so I bought one for Akiko San. Not sure how it will go over - but she has made several trips to the states and can probably get away with it by saying her nutty American friend bought it for her. We shall see. Josiah and Jared found great leather jackets....CHEAP..... Then Arielle mentioned she'd like to do some tie dying but all her dyes were gone. PERFECT.  I told Mike I was sure Arielle would appreciate it if they'd stop at Walmart so she could buy die as we fly tomorrow.

Josiah, Jamin and I got in Krista's car. The rest piled in the van.  As we drove, Josiah wasn't sure Michael caught the hint and had Jamin call Bre to be SURE he understood....stop at Walmart, stall, make sure Arielle is the last one in the house. Meanwhile, the older boys and I stopped and bought an ice cream cake. Then we high-tailed it to the house so we could decorate and set out presents.

Arielle was the last one in. Her look was precious - though hard to see here. She looked like a stunned dear in a headlight.

Josiah (top) has Arielle guessing if the balloon is filled with water or air. 

Krista came up with a "party animal" hat since we left the pig across the ocean. 

Stacia had picked this out and we changed out when Arielle opened it. 

Gradma got her this - which will remind her of OR and will also pull Jared's chain just a bit when she wears it. 

Dad left after the party. He had an appointment this a.m.  The rest of us did all we could to make the night last longer.....

Happy Birthday to You

Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Another Great Day at the Beach

Our flying trips home NEVER give us time to reconnect with everyone whom we'd like to see. Never. I've been blessed, however, to reconnect with Becky, a childhood friend at Christmas. This trip we were able to see Uncle Oli and Jim  (see posts on graduation) and today Julia and children met us at the coast.

Michael, Dad and all of the kids had a great game of "something" resembling baseball, kickball, dodge ball....

Kalila and Arielle - who would have thought at Faith Academy we'd be sitting on a beach 29 years later while our daughters played in the waves.....

Feeding Jared to the seagulls; the moral is...

Never fall asleep on the beach....see the bread on his back? 

Feeding Jared to the Seagulls!
Choosing Joy!
©2011 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...