Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's Adventure

Shew - that was a long 12 hours...but we're here.  We went to bed last night to a winter snow advisory in our area and the thought that we had to drive the roads this a.m. 

We left home and it was snowing....and more was predicted. It was COLD too.   I wouldn't have wanted to drive on the roads, but Michael was fine. We weren't making great time...but we were safe. 
Houses to the left of middle are ours....little house in the paddies? 

We stopped and enjoyed the great rest areas pretty regularly.  We couldn't resist this picture......there was a 5.9 earthquake shortly after we passed through. I have amazing stories about my trips to Tokyo. LOL  We actually didn't feel this one at all as we were driving. 

I thought this sign to help you locate a vacant toilet was very helpful....

The GPS led us on a unique route....we eventually did end up right in front of Yokota....we'll have to remember to tell the men at the Auto Hobby shop that the man who told them "this thing led me all over town before it took me to Yokota," is RIGHT. ::snort:: Who would guess they'd have NO maps to YOKOTA AIR BASE in the Air Force rental van....directions to Army and Naval installations. ::snort::

We missed our planned entertainment for the night...but we're so tired it's probably best to get some sleep. LOL  It took us 4 1/2 hours longer than we expected..... It's a warm 40* tonight down here....crops are still in the fields....totally different than Misawa. We'll have to remember this when the winter gets long.

OH - and for two years I asked for the bathroom with the wrong pronunciation....I was asking "Excuse me, Where's the chicken please?" Today I got to try the phrase with the RIGHT pronunciation....and it worked. ::snort:: No perplexing looks and instant help. LOL

We are in the same TLF that the regional board shared two years ago at WILD. Fun memories....sharing molten lava...sweet laughter and confidences. Making new memories with Michael and the youngest two Gherkins.

I found myself reflecting on the fateful drive to Tokyo last March....and the memories of FB messages, "Has anyone heard from my family. Are they ok?" And the fellowship with two dear friends as we tried to get back home...both of them moved on memories to make.

Choosing Joy!
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