Saturday, May 09, 2009

Doing the Impossible

There comes a point in every move where we look at each other and say, "We aren't going to make it." I think we reached that point sometime today, and then worked through it. LOL

I am so blessed that Mike was able to take his CTO (day off from working on Sunday - and ahem he DOES work a full day on Sunday usually leaving here at 8 a.m and arriving home between 7 - 8 p.m. contrary to all Chaplain jokes. ::snort::) and today off. We got a lot done.

Mike and Jared cut, painted and installed some external trim the wind had blown down.

They bagged up wood that the boys had trimmed from trees earlier.

The younger ones raked the yard.

Jared mowed the yard.

We all kept an eye on this project. We are recording our old VHS movies on to DVD's....the girls requested the old classic movies....and they are taped from the AMC they still have that channel? Anyway, Arielle keeps an eye on the recording because I am sure to forget.

arielle,moving project

We all took turns watering our new back yard. We need to finish around the tree....and do something in the front next.

Arielle found this quilt. The girls made it nearly 10 years ago. They surprised me with the one you see hanging behind Arielle when I came home from the hospital with Stacia. Each square is on fabric that says something about the person, has their hand print stitched on, their name and birth date. We put the smaller one in storage. The big one comes with me.

arielle,moving project

I entered receipts into MS money.

I did the impossible....yes, I did. I thought we had 10 bookshelves...we had 13. I kept thinking there is NO way I would get our books whittled down to 3 bookshelves.

A sad sight....
books,moving project

The freebie pile for Mom's Night Out grew dramatically once again.
So far these are the ONLY books going into storage...TOG year 2, some RS, lots of Tom Swift, some piano music...


Here you have our books whittled down to three bookshelves!


All the books are either TOG (year 3, 4 and 1), supplemental books, or somehow school related. Check out all the notebooks on the bottom shelf - really much space would be saved by switching to DE. I've still not decided. See that one empty shelf? THAT is the shelf left for pro-gear, and MY books.....not sure what I'll take. We had talked about storing 2 years of school in Rubbermaid and only displaying one year at a time...I'm honestly not sure we'll have space to store Rubbermaid. If we do that, then we will have plenty of space for my Penn Dutch and Nero Wolfe Collection (which I've still not parted with)....and pro-gear books. Wait they are NOT all school-related....I do have the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbs and Patrick McManus on those shelves. Deja, my SL books were down to 1 1/2 shelves. ::snort::

I still need to go through the cookbooks....and I suppose weed through the pro-gear books. They don't count as weight but they DO have to be stored somewhere. LOL

We also have to figure out what to do about computers....we have 4 desktops and a laptop...and quite a computer lab set up.

This was one of the huge jobs that I needed to do...

The plan was to store the bookshelves....but I find myself wondering WHY if we have no books to put on them. The ones that we kept are tall....solid wood....built by Mike and holding up much better than the ones we purchased.
Choosing Joy!
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~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...

Cherish or Cling?

In Susan Miller's book, After the Boxes are Unpacked, she states,

"To cherish means to hold in the mind, to treasure, to hold dear, to value
highly. To cling means to clutch, to cleave, to hold on to, to grab hold of." page

Isn't this a wonderful distinction? I knew right away that I would have to share the thought. If I had a verse or two it would make a great devotional, don't you think? The idea IS still a Mother's Day devotional - sort of. ::snort:: This is one of those things that is great for those who move a lot to ponder.....but also a great reminder for those who don't move a lot.

Susan goes on to encourage us to:

  • Cherish what was!
  • Cling to what is and to what never changes!
  • Cherish what you left behind!
  • Cling to what you brought with you!

Being an independent American, the idea of clinging first appears as weak to me. Honestly, I now believe it is GOOD to both cherish and cling, as long as we get "it" right.

Here are some examples given in the book, can you think of other personal examples?


Distant Family
Distant Friends
Past Memories
Your Heritage
The Job You Left
The House You Loved (Teklanika Drive)
Your Roots
The Place You Left

Cling to:

The Bible
Your Faith
God's Promises
Your Values
Each Other

I find myself often thinking, "Is this a cherish or a cling?" ::snort::

Things I added to my cherish list: memories of pregnancies that ended prematurely, memories of earlier seasons of family life, summer memories with grams, my comfy furniture, old friends, old ministry opportunities....

Things I added to my cling list: the Word....It seems to be harder to come up with things that are o.k. to cling to....maybe becuase God is really IT.

I'm learning to cling less and cherish more in some healthy ways.

Yes, I recommend After the Boxes are Unpacked. When it was first given to me in Alaska, I thought it was hokey and dorky. Sorry, I did. That was when I'd, "moved a million times and am just fine." Since then I realized that many "other" ladies coming through the chapel were really struggling with this moving thing. They were fragile and seemed unable to attach to others.....and I remembered this book. We started a Just Moved group that was of benefit to many. It still is offered each fall. I picked up the book last week and have been ministered to in each chapter. I'm finally learning to make healthy moves; to cherish and cling....instead of denying and stuffing. ::snort:: I love to give this book to moving friends, with the caveat that I thought it was dorky the first two times I read it. ::snort::

{Hmmm....I scheduled to post this on Sunday, 10 May, but it doesn't seem to fit for Mother's Day, does it? I guess I'll post it now.}

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...