Saturday, February 17, 2018

Gingerbread Man is an ALASKAN now!

I am Mr. Gingerbread Man. I live with either the Gherkin Guy or the Gherkin Girls a year at a time - decided by who wins the Annual Gherkin Gingerbread Competition. The men won this year. They haven't seemed as interested in taking me place. I'm not one to complain, but last year I was in a zillion states, climbed mountains, camped on the beach, went to Mexico, moved to Alaska in a U-haul and then helped settle everyone in in the Valley.  I've pretty much hung out at the house this year.

But today - things changed. I'll explain how I found myself to be lying in the snow as the post moves along.

First, Jamin came by bright and early to help Michael  (Dad G) build bookshelves and learn how to do it.

By mid-afternoon Josiah showed up. He was followed by some strangers in a truck. They unloaded the strangest looking cars? motorcycles? I've ever seen. 

There were two big black ones and a little yellow on. It turns out Josiah had purchased snow machines for a good price and they were being delivered. The yellow one was thrown in free - it's for kids and needed a bit of work. By the end of the day it was up and running. 

As soon as Bella was put down she ran for Mom G and the little yellow snow machine. No, she hasn't ridden on one. 

I, however, was thrilled to ride around the property with Josiah. I think I'm going to like living with the men this year..... 

Mom G made a video....

Everyone took a turn. 

We aren't wearing helmets - but we will when we are going fast and out of the yard. I hadn't even thought about it until it was pointed out by a video viewer. There are no laws here about wearing helmets for bikes, motorcycles or snow machines.  

Bella decided to move over to the big machine. 

Bella and Auntie Arielle and Auntie Stacia

The rest of the day Bella and Izaak slid out back. 

Kids played games inside. 

Mom G cooked dinner. It was a great day. Family working, playing, eating and having fun together.  I think I'm going to like living with the men this year, after all. I hear rumors of great fun when the summer hits.