Monday, February 28, 2011

Hina Matsuri

It's always fun to see what Akikosan has in store for us each Thursday night. This week, due to my upcoming travel, we met on Tuesday night. We reviewed verbs, nouns, body parts, days of the week....and then she brought out an activity.  (Of course we learned shapes, craft words and such as we worked).

March 3rd is Hina Matsuri Day in Japan. Girls Day..... For the past couple of weeks displays of dolls have been cropping up at the mall and in other public places. 

Some displays are elaborate but Akikosan said most are smaller these days. The practice is to put the dolls out mid-end of Feb. Parents must remove them before mid-night on March 3rd or it means the daughters will marry OLD. The longer the display stays up the later your daughter will marry. Of course, this practice has some religious roots, but we think it's a great holiday.

They have special treats, leave the dolls up a couple of weeks, and pray for all the daughters on this special day. We can do that.

Akikosan helped us make a set of Origami  Hina Matsuri dolls.  The black hats with sticks are men - the ones with tiaras and fans are women. We aren't sure what Jared's doll (the pink one with the top hat) really is. ::snort::  She left us supplies to make a set for each one of us.....

This is one holiday we plan to "Goeckerize" and adapt.

Choosing Joy!
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