Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Fall Ministry Launch

It is a GOOD thing I did all I could on Tuesday to prep for tonight's Fall Launch. I can't even remember all that happened Wednesday morning, but I clearly remember the day was not going as well as I'd hoped. There were attitudes, the need for ANOTHER run to the store and, well, caregiver duties. 

As I stood in line at Freddies I sent an SOS for prayer out to the Gherkin Gals - though I missed Arielle in the text...maybe God knew she had enough on her mind that day. ::snort:: I simply told them the launch was that evening and things weren't going well at home - I could use prayer. Sweet girls. They prayed. Several offered to come visit with GG. One even offered to bake.... just the knowledge that they had my back made the day better. 

By afternoon I was done, everything was packed, GG was happy, had been fed twice and the laundry was done. I was able to sit and linger at the table with as close as I can come to Cafe Live Forever's scone set. Three mini-scones and a pot of tea. 

The launch went great. There again friends had my back. Lindsey found me muttering at the copier and took over copying. Jacque set flowers in vases and put them on the table. Lindsey came down and made coffee, and generally did "all the things." Joelle showed up with cream and brownies, Joann brought a meat/cheese tray, and someone brought honeydew. And we had lots of scones.  

Dorothy and Rachel assured me English scones "list" and so I threw out the gummy ones that "looked level" but were bleck on the inside...and went with the ones that gloriously listed. 

Everyone enjoyed the treats and the HOT drinks. I introduced this year's leadership team. I shared about our upcoming Bible study and Paint Night. I introduced Gather:Table which is modeled on resources from  

I first got excited about the possibility of this for our women last March. I invited input from a few people.  I prayed about it some more. I ran a trial group over the summer so try out the questions and format. I waited for the right time and a fall ministry launch was perfect! Most women I have mentioned it to catch the vision. Three volunteered to host additional tables. At the launch we actually set up tables and set 4 - 6 women at the table so all could experience how simply an hour and 4 questions could move us to deeper connection.  We're in the sign-up phase and then I'll meet with hosts, set up groups and we'll get it going.  I'm excited at the possibility this will offer for women who crave connection but can't fit a weekly Bible Study into their schedule. 

It was a good night. It was wonderful to be back together with these women.