Friday, March 01, 2024

Tea & Theater

This is an example of how I'm spending my time these days. Yes, I'm still loving margin. Cory is at a men's retreat. Arielle is GREAT with child. Cory has been driving home at night so that Arielle can sleep at peace...but the days are long, and her body is in the last bit of growing a human.  We invited her to bring the boys over to play. 

Now, the first question Charles always asks as he comes in the door is, "Bachan, we need hot chocolate party." I decided to get a jump on them today.  GG and Michael were heading out for haircuts (Hallelujah), but the girls were ready for a study break. 

I got out the Japanese blue China plates and teapot from Grandma G, the melamine teacups I use for the grands, a vinyl tablecloth, baked some cookies, pulled some scones from the freezer, cut up an apple, cheese and sausage and we had TEA when the boys arrived. 

My heart is full! 

Charles has loved tea with Bachan from the early days when he moved with with CoRielle. It's our thing.

We did come up with some teatime house rules: No booties on the tea table, and no spit on Papa's recliner. ::snort:: 

It's amazing how long kids will sit and visit around a table when you make it a bit "special." Eventually, it was time to bring out the games.  Benny loves Headbandz. The younger two are starting to be interested. Benny was asking questions to determine who he was..."Am I an animal etc?" 

Danny piped up with, "'re KETchup!"  It was sweet. 

Stacia made this little hat for Ellie to wear home from the birthing center. 

Papa got home and the boys LOVE playing with Papa.

When Papa was tired the boys went down to play in the family room. Allie and Stacia kept them occupied so I could make dinner and Arielle could grab a nap.  We fed everyone and sent them home hopefully tired enough to fall asleep easily. 

Allie bought tickets to the theater for my birthday. We were set to go last Friday with Jenni and we were all sick. Jamin, Joelle (Jenni's sister) and Krista went in our places. We were so happy to be able to go tonight. This is the last weekend of this play. It was fantastic - Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Allie snapped this photo! 

1. A Christian counselor determined to teach me boundaries and margin, while walking me through some grief lessons. Who knew boundaries would be so big in the journey?

2. Tea party with Arielle's boys and college age girls who watched the boys in the family room so I could fix dinner and Arielle could nap. Baby girl is going to be here soon.

3. I am so very thankful we all felt well enough to go ahead and go to the theater tonight. I am also thankful when we were sick and couldn't make it last week others took our place.

4. I made it to my zoom small group for the first time in 4 months.