Monday, March 05, 2012

Ubiquitous White Trucks & Me

We got a lot of school done! It took until 3:45 p.m. but we did it!!!!!  Actually, Zander asked for a chapter from Apologia tonight so we did tomorrow's science too! 

All other accomplishments in the day are icing on this cake....Michael came home from work a few hours after going in. This acid reflux is really knocking him for a loop. 

What do ubiquitous, little, white Japanese pickups have in common with ME? Both drive very, very slowly down the road during a snow storm. ::snort:: Yes, I broke the driving ban and drove to Shimoda mall. I wanted to buy some YUMMY, FRESH fruit for my gals tomorrow at PWOC. Stacia came with me....and though it got a bit intense with the blowing snow...we did just fine. She told Michael, "I like Mom's slow winter driving."  ::snort:: 

Arielle and Nolan took a taxi in to base. I  didn't want to drive on the roads at night. Someone will bring them home...and I'm thankful!  Stacia and Zander enjoy our quiet, stay at home Monday nights.

Stacia took advantage of the empty house to build a fort
I had three ministry Skypes today. Worked on some "stuff," did some research, answered a bunch of emails....packed our bags so we can leave home early in the a.m. We all go in to take Jared to work and then on to chapel for PWOC....lunch with Michael, Nolan has drama at 3:00; Arielle has book club at 3:00; I have a meeting at 1:30 and then Stacia and I will hope to get our weekly grocery shopping done. Zander has to come with us this week as Jared is working....he dislikes "base days".

As is often the case when I have things to think through......I decided to organize the recipes on the blog...they'd been bugging me. It felt good. Last week Christie and I organized the chapel kitchen...this is the same sort of thing - it will stay done for a bit. LOL

I used the quiet evening hours to make breakfast cookies to go with the yummy fruit for tomorrow.....and English muffins for our consumption.

I've got a Lent devotional to go read....and need to make sure Zander and Stacia have plenty of school packed for the home school room and school in the chapel. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...