Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Breakfast Companions

My highlight today was a massage - I have not one photo to show for it. My only complaint is she spent a lot of time working on my neck which resulted in wild, oily hair...a style I had to wear through Bible study tonight. LOL My back feels much better today. 

The second highlight of the day came as Grandpa came to the table for breakfast! Look who joined us! Dad saw one first and said - "Look, a baby Caribao!" Caribou are not native to Alaska, though they are to the Philippines.  

Via Google photos

It took just a second to realize there must be a baby moose...and then he noted two and I knew Mama had to be nearby. Can you spot all three in the photo below? 

In a matter of minutes all three were clearly seen...and they were great breakfast companions indeed! 

They are welcome as long as they stay out of the orchard and the garden, and away from the Aspen trees. They were well-behaved today. 

Michael installed a fan in Dad's room and is working on one for our room.  

Dad/Grandpa was up a lot last night...2:45, 5:00, 6:30...I finally told him to take a shower at 8:00 and come have breakfast.  In any event, I'm too old to be up all night long...I HAD to grab a quick nap. 

Here are some shots from the garden today....I still don't trust that I understand the growing season around here...not sure if anything will produce. Last year it was cool, we had lots of GREEN but not a lot of food. It has been hot but this past week was cool and rainy. I think things are doing o.k. Although I think the squash is getting too much water - not much I can do about the rain. 


Dragon Eggs coming along

This new bed survived the rain 


I think I can start harvesting baby greens any day. 

I have no idea if Bok Choy SHOULD be flowering at this point. I don't see anything that looks remotely like Bok Choy in the store.  LOL 

C'mon melons! 

I up planted some sunflowers...and watered everything...that's about all I did today. These are the remaining plants to transplant into the garden space.